John Cena Comments On Possible Trilogy Match With The Rock


John Cena still doesn’t have a confirmed match for Wrestlemania. At this point in his career, he really doesn’t have many options for future Mania’s as he has fought with everybody, but The Undertaker. That is why he has challenged the Dead Man to a fight at the grandest stage of them all this April. But, what is going to happen with Cena in the coming years?

Well, recently he talked about the possible trilogy match with The Rock and how that is something that he would be open to. Their first match took place in Miami, while the second one was live from the MetLife Stadium, the home of the Wrestlemania 35. They might be having their third battle right where the second one took place.

The Rock was the winner at Wrestlemania 28, and that was his first Mania match since he came back to the WWE. Then, even though the clash was labeled as a “Once in a Lifetime” encounter, you know that Cena needed to get his win back and he did it one year later in a Championship battle after winning his second Royal Rumble.

He said that he was stupid to think that The Rock being in the Hollywood tarnished the match as he does now know that he actually attracted a lot of people to the product. Somebody of his magnitude is going to be followed by the media everywhere, and it is going to make the event feel even bigger.

Cena didn’t confirm the match or hasn’t even said that it is in plans, but still, this is something that he would like to do, especially in front of the New York crowd, in one of the biggest stadiums in the World.