Jim Ross Predicts The Winner Of Lesnar vs. Goldberg

source; 411mania.com

Jim Ross hasn’t been with the company for a couple of years now, but he is present in the world of wrestling now more than ever. His podcast is very well known, and he has been involved with a lot of wrestling promotions and personalities over the years. Now, he is trying to predict a finish in the match between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg.

This event has been planned ever since Goldberg made his return to the WWE. He went over Brock during the Survivor Series which left everybody in the wrestling world shocked. Lesnar wasn’t pinned ever since taking down Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania 30. He has been booked like a dominant force ever since then, and there was a general belief that the one who takes down Lesnar will be the next big thing. Well, the company gave Lesnar away to a 50-year old part timer. You be the judge on whether or not the WWE made a right decision with it.

Source; pwmania.com

Lesnar jobbed out to Bill Goldberg twice already, and it’s not likely that it will happen again. Jim Ross thinks that too.

“Lesnar will go over with his finish, the F5. If they use their head, make sure Paul Heyman is involved in the game-planning, and get an agent like Michael Hayes or Pat Patterson or someone like that, then there is no excuse that they can’t give you ten quality minutes, bell-to-bell. There is no reason that two guys of that stature, earning that kind of money, can’t give then minutes of pro wrestling content. I firmly believe it’s possible.”