Should Jets Go After Tony Romo In The Offseason?


You don’t need to be a football expert to recognize that Ryan Fitzpatrick had a horrible 2016 campaign. He was throwing to the rivals much more that to his own in the first half of the season. He stepped up his game in the past couple of weeks, but there is no doubt about the fact that Jets are going to look for a new quarterback in the offseason.

They already have some young signal callers on their bench but are Geno Smith or Bryce Petty the answer for this team? That depends on if the Jets want to retool or are they in a mood in which they want to win now.

If they want to win now, they need to bring in another quarterback. An experienced and proven one that knows what it takes to be a good NFL quarterback. Tony Romo is that guy. If they really want to improve at that position, they could make a run at Romo and see whether or not the Cowboys are in the mood for a trade.

But, it just seems that Jets have much bigger problems right now. They shouldn’t be thinking about bringing in a guy that is paid as much as Tony is while being injury prone. Their defense was horrible all season long. Revis looks like he is done, their defensive line has struggled, and they need to fix that.

If they can cut Revis and reduce that cap hit, they could bring in Romo. But, it just seems that they have much bigger issues that need to be solved before making that kind of a deal.