Jerry Jones Makes A Statement About Cowboys’ QB Situation After Win Over Bengals


Even though Dak Prescott is winning games for Dallas Cowboys and they are playing really well with him under center, Jerry Jones made it clear who will start when Romo gets back. And it’s not good news for those who believe Dak Prescott should keep his job throughout the season.

Cowboys’ owner was pretty clear after Dallas’ win over the Bengals. He still says that Tony Romo is Cowboys’ first option at quarterback when he returns from injury. He’ll have an MRI done on Monday, and Jones is pretty optimistic, just like he always is.

“Tony is our No. 1 quarterback. We’re going to have the luxury of being able to, I think, see them both,” he said. “I don’t want to presume that Dak is going to be necessarily healthy, I don’t want to presume anything like that. But I welcome the opportunity of having Dak playing at this level and Tony back in excellent health. It’s going to be really special for the Cowboys.”

It’s highly debatable if Romo should be back at QB with Dak Prescott playing the way he is. And it’s not only that he is performing at a high level as a rookie signal caller, but they are winning with him in charge.

“I don’t think we could – and should – get ahead of ourselves and start looking at a spot,” Jones pointed out. “If we can keep winning these ballgames and end up with an improved team as we move along, the arrow going up, then that would put us in good shape if you wanted to kind of look down the road like we’re doing here. But let’s get Green Bay.”

What do you think? Dak or Tony? Who should run this squad?