Jerry Jones Defends Ezekiel Elliott


The Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott is under a lot of pressure. The six-game suspension is hovering above his head for some time now. The off-field problems haunt him since last year, but everything went well on the field, so people came to neglect it. Today, few days after Broncos game he has one more problem. In addition to having only eight yards on nine carries his attitude was just not right. As if losing 42-17 wasn’t enough, he was just bystander in most of the plays and particularly at the moment when one of Dak Prescott’s passes was intercepted. He literally put his hands on his hips and watched Bronco’s player taking the ball in Cowboys red zone direction. Stood and watched it, without making a move.

This sort of behavior is unacceptable, and everyone pointed out that Zeke needs to change and adapt to new situations. And, while everybody seems to turn their backs on him, he at least has one man on his side. The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stood in Elliott’s defense as he did on many occasions when Dallas star players were in trouble. He noted that Ezekiel wasn’t only one to blame for the loss, and especially not on the interception play.

In a post-game interview on CBS Radio’s 105.3 the Fan in Dallas Jones stated: “I think if you look at everybody’s reaction to that interception, certainly on that interception, if you really look at several Dallas Cowboys players on that interception you saw what would not be the case in a closely contested ball game. I think you can point to Zeke, but you really have to look at the general effort to chase that ball down by most of the people that were on the field. Dak now, of course, gave it everything he had to try to contain that interception, but still, you look at it across the board, and you’ll see that you need more effort than what you see.”

In turbulent times such as this one, Elliott must feel relieved that at least Jerry Jones has his back. Considering Jones’s influence in the NFL, Eliot couldn’t have a better man defending him.