Jerry Jones Defends Cowboys Decisions To Cut Whitehead


Even though the Dallas Cowboys training camp just started two days ago, they have already made a big decision and cut their wide receiver, Lucky Whitehead. The decision was made by the Cowboys officials after the news broke that Lucky Whitehead was arrested after being involved in an incident in Virginia. But, soon after that, he stated that he was nowhere near the place of the incident and that the news was false.

The police were the one to mix him up with somebody else, and they apologized for the trouble that they caused. Now, the Cowboys know that Lucky Whitehead wasn’t the one involved in that incident. With that being said, they are not going to bring this guy back to the camp for him to compete for his spot on the final roster. They have stated that this is not just a one-time thing from him and that this is a culmination of many other things with Lucky Whitehead.

Team owner Jerry Jones is defending that decision and is not going to change his mind.

“What I want to remind everybody is we’re out here to basically add and cut players. That’s what we do. And there’s an art of the deal there. We don’t have the same parameters of a player to be cut that you as media might. We don’t have the same parameters that Washington Redskins or the Chicago Bears have. We have our own parameters. And over the next 30 days, there will be several players that aren’t on this roster. There’ll be several that are here today and there’ll be several players that are here on maybe our roster at the time.”