James Richman: 5 Things You Don’t Know About The Baltic State’s Secretive Billionaire


The Baltic States are Northern European states on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia comprise them. The three nations cooperate on policies regarding foreign affairs, security, defense, energy, and transportation.

However, they do not share a common context of cultural ideas, national identity, and language since people there are broken down into Baltic (Latvia and Lithuania) and Finnic (Estonia).

These nations share a good economic standing and have perennially had a high development index. Latvia, in fact, remains very solid in terms of its economy, even branded as an islet of stability amidst economic turmoil. In this region, a special and successful businessman and investor were born. He is powerful, yet very secretive.

James Richman, who invests through his private investment fund, JJ Richman, and has been controlling his pool of private funds to positive earnings for a span of more than a decade, never likes stepping into the limelight. Although he has been behind the most noteworthy investment strategies and compelling impact investments, Richman keeps his distance from most forms of media.

This leaves a vacuum of information as to who this mystery guy really is. Let us examine the financial prodigy with a closer look based on the information that we could find from various sources so far. Here are the 5 things you don’t know about James Richman.

1. He dropped out when he was in primary school

Img source: london-post.co.uk

James was not able to finish formal schooling and dropped out at the age of 15. During his early days, he would often find his name at the bottom of class standings notwithstanding his difficulty in coming up with the academic activities of the school. He also had a problem communicating with his fellow students. His distraction from school activities and impaired ability in communication were symptoms of the next item on this list. 

2. He has Asperger’s syndrome

The private investor has Asperger’s syndrome. It is a high functioning autism spectrum which impairs verbal or non-verbal communication skills. Further, It causes repetitive patterns of behavior. Curiously, this condition is also possessed by numerous successful celebrities from different industries. Bill Gates, Anthony Hopkins, and Mozart are reported to have its symptoms. James’ ability to recognize, analyze and apply patterns into financial investments has been the boom in his career.

3. He lost an angel

This list goes on a sad turn here. James was unfortunate to have lost his little girl to sickness during his earlier years. It was said that his daughter was born with a lung infection, a very curable ailment. However, due to a faulty healthcare system in his area, his little angel was not able to survive. He uses this event as a motivation for his impact investments on healthcare and medical research and development.

4. Hands-on manager

Img source: financejourney.org

James Richman is a very hands-on type of person and he does not let somebody take care of one of the most important aspects of a private fund – recruitment. James ensures that potential investors go through his very discerning eyes. He enforces that funds must come from legitimate sources and must not have any tendencies for money-laundering.

5. Anonymous impact investing

In our day and age, philanthropy has become a billionaire’s hobby. James shares the same with other billionaires. The main and glaring difference is that he stays anonymous. Other billionaires are reported to hold media events, social media streaming and other advocacy activities to make the world know of them sharing their blessings. James simply stays quiet and always lends an open hand.

This thing about James Richman tells us his value is more than just his net worth. He is persevering, a brave and competent character who is content with doing a random act of kindness without any recognition.