Jaguar vs. Yellow Anaconda Battle Captured By Wildlife Photographer


Most people don’t get the chance to see a jaguar or yellow anaconda in the wild, but the Chris Brunskill, a photographer from the UK, managed to capture their ferocious battle. This happened along the Cuiaba River in Brazil where this man was trying to shoot some amazing photos of nature and its inhabitants.

A situation like this is quite rare, and as the photographer himself says, he was very fortunate to see a battle between these two beasts. That day didn’t start all that well as it was rainy and the sky was all dark and gloomy, but still, they decided to go and try and get few nice pictures.

According to Chris, they started their journey at about 9:30, and it was a pretty cold day. After about ten minutes in the boat, they saw a jaguar that was walking beside the river and spotted something in the grass. It was yellow anaconda, and as soon as she hit the grass with her paw, it jumped.

Anaconda tried to escape to the water, but jaguar followed it jumping to the shallow water. Here is how he described this battle: “With both the cat and the snake clearly visible, I had the unique opportunity to shoot as they fought for close to ninety seconds in the open, in good light on a fairly calm river, just meters from my boat.”

The battle lasted for about 90 seconds, and Brunskill says that he saw anaconda lunging several times at jaguar and it certainly left his mark on the mighty predator. In the end, jag managed to overcome the great snake with a few bites that were delivered to the mid-section of the reptile.

It all ended pretty fast: “With the reptile’s strength fading, the jaguar bit through its tail before jumping back up the riverbank with the stunned anaconda dangling from its mouth.”