Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts – Week 17 Picks And Predictions


If you are looking for a game that is going to be a high-scoring contest in which both teams really won’t care much about the defensive side of the ball, look no further than the matchup between the Jags and the Colts. Both squads have had a disappointing season in two different ways, but they will try to write the wrong in this last duel.

Indianapolis Colts‘ defense has had a rough year. They stepped up at one point of the season, but they really didn’t have the season that they needed and wanted to have. Colts’ running game has always been suspect, the o-line couldn’t protect Andrew Luck, and that is why he is often injured. All of that called for the defense to step up, but they were unable to do so.

Jags defense is no better, but their offense is the one that disappointed the most. Bortles has had a down year, Robinson was nowhere to be found this year, just like the Colts’ running game.


Jaguars won the first match of the season against the Colts, but that duel took place in London. Jaguars are slightly worse than they were in that early matchup, while the Colts have slightly improved.

That is why we are picking the Colts to win this one. The game will take place in Indy, they will be riled up for the last contest of the year, and we think Andrew Luck will deliver. The final score of this match will be 35:30.