While Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are crumbling down before our very eyes, the Detroit Lions are sitting back and feeling good about their Playoff chances. Their divisional rivals can’t seem to find a weapon on the field that will get the job done. Vikes are the losers of four straight, while Packers are coming off three losses in their last four games.

Enter the Detroit Lions. The team that has been the best in the division over the past month. Matthew Stafford can surely enter the MVP conversation if Lions handle their business on Sunday against the Jags. Stafford has been amazing even without his main target Calvin Johnson. He has had a career year, but this is not the time for celebration. The time is for him to play his best football yet and get this team to the Playoffs by tying a couple of good performances together.

Jaguars Playoff dreams are long gone. Blake Bortles and this offense have regressed this season as they never really got in together and got into that rhythm that you need to have in order to play good football on a consistent level. To make things even worse, their defense can’t get the job done. They can’t stop anybody, especially not Lions offense that is led by Stafford.

We are picking Detroit to make a statement to their divisional rivals in this game. It’s time for them to take control of this division by winning a duel against the Jags. It’s not going to be that close, but we predict that Detroit will come on top in this one 38:24.