Is WWE Still The Best Wrestling Company


Over the span of half a century, WWE has only had one period where they had a true rival. Back in the second half of the nineties, there was WCW that has always been neck-to-neck with the World Wrestling Federation. They have even been able to surpass the company that Vince owns at one point, but due to some bad decisions and poor booking, they fell flat, forcing the owners to sell their business to the McMahon family.

Now, there are some wrestling companies that are doing a good job. New Japan Pro Wrestling is a great promotion, and so is the Ring Of Honor. They have always been good. Global Force Wrestling is constantly a hot mess, and it seems that this re-branding that TNA did is not going so well.


They all have their fanbases, and maybe they even have a better pure wrestling quality product than the WWE, but overall, the entertainment factor and the mainstream attention is what makes this organization better than every other promotion out there. Current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal gave some good arguments to why WWE is at the top of the food chain when it comes to the wrestling business.

“WWE is a global juggernaut, it is the pinnacle. It is a global entity. You have superstars from Australia, China, Japan…It is the cream of the crop in WWE. Look at NXT, the talent we have in NXT with Drew, Adam, Cole, Johnny Gargano, Authors of Pain and the women’s division. Kevin Owens has traveled the world and he ended in WWE. Nakamura wrestled all over the world, look at where he is now in WWE. Someone Like John Cena is a global figure.”