The storyline with John Cena for this Wrestlemania has been pretty good. This is exactly how WWE should have booked him. He simply doesn’t need to get in some feud just for the sake of getting to the Mania and having a match. Instead of feuding with someone like the Miz who was his opponent last year, this time it was all about Cena.

The story here was that Cena was trying to get to Wrestlemania, but he couldn’t. He didn’t win the Elimination Chamber, he didn’t win the World Title from Styles so he was left without a match.

Cena came to Raw and said that he is likely going to come as a fan to Mania since he doesn’t have an opponent. But, then, John knew that he had one more way of making it on the card, and that is the battle against the Undertaker.

Everybody wants to see these two fight as we have never gotten this showdown at the grandest stage of them all. Taker is the symbol of this show but has actually never gone up against the guy that has been the face of this company for many years now.

Taker still hasn’t answered the challenge. Last week, we saw Kane show up, which is something that scared many fans. Nobody wants to see Kane vs. Cena at Mania. That is just a waste of time.

There is one possibility that some of the fans are not considering. What if we see American Badass Taker show up? He left his clothes in the ring last year. That meant that The Phenom has retired. Cena and Taker had some interaction back when the Dead Man was portraying that other gimmick. Maybe that is the way Mark Callaway wants to end his career.