Is Trading Cooper Rush A Smart Move for Dallas Cowboys?


Quarterback Cooper Rush is a gem discovered by the Cowboys, and in the preseason, he proved that he has lots of potentials to be a great player. He has unofficially secured a spot on the 53-man roster even though Dallas originally intended to send him to the practice squad.

This guy has outperformed Kellen Moore this summer, and his playing style is similar to Prescott’s. Rush is playing well, and teams that are looking for an upcoming young quarterback have set eyes on him. But should Dallas give up on Rush and trade him? Is that a smart move?


It has become clear that Dallas builds the team around Dak Prescott who has secured a starting spot for the next few years, so why let the young talented player such as Rush sit on the bench? He is capable to become a leader, and some of the teams such as New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars could use a quarterback.

The Cowboys should use the opportunities presented to them now while Rush’s stock is high. In return, they could get the much-needed defensive pieces to patch up the weak spots. Truth be told, this QB will sit on the bench, and he has no chance against Prescott. Dak is young, athletic and intelligent and he is still developing his game.


What Dallas needs the most is a safety who would replace Barry Church, an edge rusher or a shutdown corner who can help the young secondary line. Cooper Rush is a good player and great potential, but he is just on the wrong team at the wrong time. All Cooper needs is a chance, and he will handle the offense well. The trade will be important for both Dallas and Rush. What would you ask in return for Rush?