Is there going to be another Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Movie?


For the last several years, the former WWE superstar turned actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson and comedian superstar Kevin Hart have been Hollywood’s most hilarious duo. Both off and on the screen, they enjoy enormous success individually. However, this dynamic duo shined in their two blockbusters, Central Intelligence (2016) and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017). Following these hugely successful movies, another one is sure to come soon.

Recently, Johnson met up with Hart on the set of Hobbs and Shaw, a Fast and Furious spinoff project, to possibly discuss new opportunities. Apparently, the duo has great big things planned for the future.

The question this situation raises is will this be a movie, or something else? Both stars are heavily involved in the entertainment industry as a whole, so a new and fresh project is a possibility. However, it will most likely be a film, so what exactly could it be? A sequel or a completely new movie?

The pair is also famous for constantly pranking and make fun of each other. Their off-set and on-set shenanigans are widely followed on Instagram. Perhaps the best insult belongs to Dwayne Johnson. He jokingly calls his diminutive friend his son, and always talks about slapping him.

There is no telling what these two top-tier Hollywood entertainers are up to, but literally, nothing is too far-fetched, and anything seems possible when these two fellows are involved. Both equally love having fun and working hard, so who is to say really. Maybe a Central Intelligence 2 is happening, who knows. Their next movie could be something already announced or rumored, but the Instagram posts promise something completely fresh.

Kevin Hart may even show up in Rock’s Big Trouble in Little China movie. If we look back at their joint stunts in the entertainment industry, two things are sure. There will be plenty of laughs to go around for everyone, and the movie will be a blockbuster, racking in serious cash in the box office.

While we wait on other announcements, the currently untitled sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is set to hit the theaters on December 13, 2019. Since the dynamic duo is always busy and wants to deliver on multiple sides, there will surely be at least one more movie they treat us within the next couple of years. Stay tuned, and of course, check out their individual work!