Is Paige Going To Be Punished?


As most of the people that are following the world of wrestling already know, last week the nude photos of Paige, as well as the video that has naughty scenes were leaked. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this story, and we can understand why. The question that everybody is asking is whether or not she is going to be punished.

The initial reports are that she will not, and that is a good decision. It seems that WWE, just like everybody else, is seeing her as a victim here. Her personal stuff has been stolen, and she had nothing to do with leaking these photos and the video. She is of course allowed to do whatever she wants in her personal life and behind the closed doors to say it that way. Somebody has stolen content that she owns and made it public without her knowledge or permission. That is why the organization won’t do anything about this situation.


Xavier Woods, a member of the New Day was also involved in Paige’s video. As of right now, he is not going to be punished as the New Day is still a hot act and are doing very well in the world of the wrestling. He also had nothing to do with the photos being leaked and this guy is just another victim here.

No sponsors have said that something needs to be done and that is the most important thing to the WWE. Tom Phillips and Seth Rollins have recently been involved in something like this, but not to this level. The company let those things become history without even mentioning it, and they will do the same in this situation.