Is Jason Garrett a Marvin Lewis of NFC?!


Jason Garrett has been reassured over his position at Dallas Cowboys by team’s owner Jerry Jones. But, regardless of that, the fans still want him gone. Cowboys are one of the most popular football teams in the world, but their last notable success in the postseason was over 20 years ago. The team is currently stuck in Jason Garrett era which only brings them 8-8 records, and every few years an early playoff exit. That’s why many people are starting to call Garrett a Marvin Lewis of NFC.

Yes, Jason has won a playoff duel in the past but is one or two playoff wins in a decade really what America’s Team is going to settle for? Garrett’s coaching style fails to win games that are important. Just look at the Seahawks match a few weeks back. Cowboys lost that one, a loss that cost them a playoff berth but won against Eagles in the following week. A win that cost them three spots in the draft.


For some reason, Jerry Jones believes that Garrett has what it takes. He trusts his man that he will be able to deliver at least that one win in a match that’s one year away. A feat he did only once in his Cowboys tenure.

Jerry Jones is betting on a guy who has 67-53 record in the NFL. The man that doesn’t have what it takes to go out an coach his team in meaningful games. Last season Cowboys lost duels in which he failed to make adjustments. How many sacks on Dak Prescott vs. Falcons was needed for him to drop Chaz Green? Few to many if you ask Dak. Why wasn’t he ready to stop on blitzing Phillip Rivers during the game against Chargers, when the All-Pro caliber QB was tearing apart Dallas secondary?


For average Cowboys fan, it seems that Jones is more interested in making money than making another Super Bowl appearance. But, that’s not exactly true. Yes, he’s a businessman, and money is his priority, but Jones wants to win as much as the next Cowboys fan. It’s just that he wants to win with Jason Garrett. In the long run that might not be possible, just give Jerry time to realize this.

In the next few years, he will probably bring a big coaching name in Dallas, or there is someone more adept at the position than Garrett already on Cowboys team. Did you know that Mike Zimmer was once a Cowboys assistant coach? Did you know that there are 18 former team staff members involved in this year’s Conference matches? 18! Let that sink in. Someone in Dallas is doing a bad job, and the problem isn’t only Jason Garrett as much as he reminds us of Marvin Lewis.