Is it Time for a Dental Checkup?


Many people neglect dental hygiene and avoid visiting a dentist. Oral hygiene is one of the crucial activities that we must pay attention to. It is said that if our teeth are healthy, then the whole organism would be in the best order. Sometimes some health problems and illnesses start with neglecting the initial symptoms that occur in the mouth.

Dentists say that to detect any problems, it is best to visit at least once every three or six months. If the last time you were in a dental office was more than this period, now is the right time to do this. Regular check-ups of your teeth can further save you a great deal of pain as well as additional problems that may arise. Even if you do these check-ups regularly, some situations and signs indicate that you must contact your dentist immediately. We will share some of those signs with you today, to be able to maintain your dental condition in the best order.

1. Sensitivity of the teeth to cold and hot

Each of us at times wishes to warm up on cold winter days with hot coffee or tea or some other hot beverage of our choice. Or in the summer days indulge in iced tea, ice cream, or some other iced drink. Some too many people avoid these extreme hot or cold drinks because their teeth are too sensitive to such abrupt changes. If you have never had such a problem, and you happen to feel a sharp pain in the middle of an ice cream bite, we recommend that you make an appointment with your dentist immediately. This pain may be short-lived at the moment, but it may become more frequent. Why risk re-experiencing this pain, when with a little checking you can make sure that the state of your teeth is in the best condition.

2. Bleeding gums

This is the second sign that suggests something is wrong. There are many reasons for the appearance of this symptom, such as tooth decay, dental plaque and tartar, cavity, and so on. Bleeding gums can also occur if you brush your teeth too roughly, but this rarely happens. It would be best to consult your oral doctor, who would look at the condition of your mouth and conclude what the problem is with the occurrence of bleeding gums. If you do not see a doctor on time, this problem can get worse, the gums can swell, you can not chew food because of pain, and you can get gingivitis and other oral diseases that are difficult to treat.

3. Changing the color of the teeth

This symptom is often associated with poor nutrition and insufficient calcium intake. The teeth, just like the bones, need a sufficient daily intake of calcium to maintain their strength and health. If we do not pay attention to the food we eat, we may notice a change in the color of our teeth. Also, too much sugar intake is harmful to the teeth, as well as too much intake of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and so on. Every dentist would point out that we need to reduce these vices and concentrate more on getting more vitamins and minerals to have a healthy dental image.

4. Any pain

Although I am committed to attending the oral office regularly, at least every six months, there are still cases where I had to make an appointment immediately. These are cases when I have felt too much pain in the gums or on one of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. These pains can occur suddenly and can be very severe, and in many cases of toothache, no painkillers helped. Of course, I did not wait too long and immediately scheduled an examination to see what the problem was and what the cause of the pain was. If you have a similar problem, I suggest you make an appointment with benitezdentalclinic immediately and get rid of any pain you feel quickly and easily.

5. Bad breath

It can happen to any of us at some point to have bad breath, which is fine because there are candies and chewing gum that would solve the problem. However, behind the bad breath, as a cause, is not always the food we eat or if we do not brush our teeth regularly. Behind this trouble can be hidden some more serious things, such as a decaying tooth, caries, and so on. To get rid of this discomfort and always talk to people with confidence, we must visit the dentist regularly.

6. Any other symptom

Many other symptoms may occur and should be examined immediately by a specialist. Such situations are when you have a loose tooth and you do not feel any pain when you have swelling on any part of the jaw, as well as similar unusual symptoms that must be checked and controlled by a dental person.

Checks are something we must pay special attention to if we want to have excellent dental hygiene and the condition of our teeth. Irregular controls often end badly for individuals, and further to deal with troubles we need to invest a lot of time and money to correct the situation. Some too many people have phobias of dentists, but starting with myself, to deal with the huge pain I learned to control and overcome the phobia or fear I have of dentists, needles, and their instruments.

If you are one of those people who have a huge fear of dental offices, the people who work there, and the tools they use for work, I encourage you to overcome this fear as soon as possible so that you can deal with oral problems on time. You are not aware of how much we misunderstand these workers because they are not the person we should be afraid of, I swear, they are the ones who have the solution to our problem. This staff is professional and I assure you that there is no room for fear, because they will help you solve your dental problem with as little pain as possible. In the end, all we have to do is give you another reminder to make an appointment, because only one visit separates you from having healthy and white teeth.