Is It Still Worth Investing in Bitcoin in 2024?


The market of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly in recent years, especially Bitcoin that is breaking new records in the last few months by reaching the price of over $35,000. Therefore, it is very attractive for investors since they are hoping that the value will grow even higher in the future. According to some experts, the projected value of BTC in the next five years might reach the price of $100,000. Trading is the most popular option related to BTC today, while mining was a very effective method before the last halving in 2024. Also, many investors are interested in trading because of the high volatility and great potential for profit. You can go URL if you are interested in trading with cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, we have to mention that the main issue with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that no one is sure whether they will become stable in the future or not. On the other hand, one of the main reasons why so many people are interested in investing in this option is the improved security and the chance to protect their assets from the recession. There are many indications which are suggesting that the global economic crisis is quite possible. Therefore, Bitcoin seems like a great asset since it is decentralized and not dependable on any official financial institution.

Even though there are many advantages of buying Bitcoin and other cryptos, a lot of people are not sure whether it would be a good investment or not, especially because of its ups and downs in value on the market. Yet, there’s still a steady growth of traders who are exploring cryptocurrency investments with known brokerages like eToro. According to¬†, there are over 40 tradable crypto assets from this broker. This is a tremendous growth since their platform only had a few offerings last year. On the other hand, the trend of investing in cryptocurrencies is growing along with the expansion of people who are using e-wallets for standard transactions. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the main features that describe Bitcoin and the reasons why you should invest in it in 2024.

Main Features

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency that is using blockchain technology, which provides it with advanced security and fast transactions. Also, one of the main features that makes it so attractive is that Bitcoin is decentralized, and there is no official institution that is controlling it. Therefore, it represents great protection from the economic crisis. Furthermore, a lot of people became interested in it a few years ago when its price started to grow rapidly, especially in 2017, when it reached the value of around $20,000. The fact that it is highly volatile is another factor that is attracting investors since there is a great potential to earn a big profit from investing in it at the right moment.

The expansion of online stores also has a big influence on its popularity since it is much more convenient to use an e-wallet for online payments. Many big companies are already accepting Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

What are the Predictions?

While no one is sure about the potential price of Bitcoin in the future, we can see some analyses from experts that say how this cryptocurrency has a great potential to become much more valuable in the future, which means that you could easily make five times more money than invested after only a year or two if the value becomes higher than $100,000 as some of those experts are predicting.

On the other side, there are some risks as well, like the one related to official financial institutions. If some of the developed countries decide to ban Bitcoin from use on the market, it might become worthless. However, the chances for that are very low, and we can see that many highly-developed countries like the United States, Germany, Japan, and many others are already making plans to implement Bitcoin in their monetary systems.

Nevertheless, we have to mention the standard laws of the market, where there is always a chance for one asset to become less valuable in case that there is another one with better performances. However, the BTC is holding a strong position since it got introduced more than 10 years ago.

Benefits of Investing in BTC

Blockchain technology represents a revolution that can replace the standard banking system in the future because it offers many advantages like anonymity, high security, faster transactions, and more. Also, the fees are much lower, and there is no third party involved in the process when you are transferring money to another person. However, the main advantage is related to the potential to make a big profit. You can use some of the most popular trading platforms like eToro, Coinbase, and more, where you can easily start as a beginner and but this digital asset. The trading process is similar to those on the stock market, where you can choose to buy or sell BTC at any moment.

Many people are day traders, and there are using the advantage of high volatility to make a profit by investing a lot of money and sell the BTC after the slightest change in value. Another advantage is related to the value, which is becoming more stable over time with a chance to grow instead of having some critical falls like in previous years. Therefore, it represents a great opportunity to secure your funds by investing them in this option.


Many countries are already developing a plan to become a cashless society, and the first one is going to be Sweden. That means that the popularity of cryptocurrencies will become even higher but you should be aware of the fact that there is always a minor chance that some of them might ban BTC from use. However, according to current trends, most of them will manage to implement this digital asset in the standard monetary system. One of the issues is related to the process of taxation since Bitcoin is decentralized.

The year 2024 was challenging for the whole world and global economy and there is a high chance for another recession that might be even bigger than the one in 2008. In that matter, there is a high chance that more people will start investing in BTC which will affect its price to grow more. Therefore, it has great potential but you should constantly research the markets and learn more about all of the factors that might influence its price in any way.