iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone is for You?

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The iPhone XR is the entry-level smartphone by Apple for 2018. The XR sports a similar design to the iPhone X and both phones have a Face ID authentication system. A lot of tech reviewers say that the XR is also a significant upgrade over the iPhone 8 Plus. Is this really true?

If you’re shopping for an iPhone and have a budget of less than $1000, the XR and the 8 Plus are good choices. To help you pick which one is better for you, here’s a comparison from several marketers that sell iPhone units.

Design and Build

The differences in design between the two iPhones are obvious. The XR basically looks like the iPhone X. The 8 Plus has a more traditional iPhone look with bezels and a home button. The 6.1-inch screen of the XR is bigger than the 5.5-inch display of the 8 Plus. However, the latter, with its 16:9 aspect ratio, is actually taller and wider.

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The XR has a more vibrant shade than the 8 Plus. It’s also available in six colors: white, black, yellow, blue, coral, and red. In terms of notches, the XR has one in front, whereas the 8 Plus is notch-free. Both phones don’t have a headphone jack, but they have glass backs for wireless charging.

Features and Specs

Although the screens of both iPhones are different in size and ratio, they are both LCDs. In terms of processors, the XR is powered by Apple A12 Bionic, the same processor on higher-end phones like the iPhone XS and XS Max. The 8 Plus is run by A11 Bionic. Even with the XR having the upper hand, the 8 Plus isn’t a slow phone by any means. The only time you’d see the difference is when the phones are doing several heavy-loaded tasks at once.

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In terms of camera features, the 8 Plus is more superior, thanks to the two lenses on its rear camera. The telephoto lens enables deep-effects on portraits while the 2x telephoto lets you zoom on a subject without losing focus or definition. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR only has one camera. But it’s a smart one. It can shoot exceptional portrait shots, thanks to software similar to Google’s Pixel 2. As for recording videos, both phones provide the same features.


iPhones XR and 8 Plus can run the most recent version of iOS 12. The biggest difference with regards to software is the gestures you have to use. Unlike the 8 Plus, the XR doesn’t have a home button. As such, you can’t use the traditional home button to access the app screens.

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The newer version of the iPhone XR has a starting base cost of $749 (64GB). The iPhone 8, as it’s an older model, costs less. For the 64GB, you only need to shell out $699.

Both iPhones are quite capable of providing what you want from a smartphone. The ultimate choice comes down to which design best fits your needs.