Intuit and Google work together integrating QuickBooks and G Suite


The maker of QuickBooks and the Internet search giant had declared a partnership just recently. This alliance promotes greater consortium among each company’s software deals with small enterprises.

Intuit is probably the most popular brand in the finance software industry. The company was established in 1983 in Palo Alto, California. The QuickBooks accounting software is their crown jewel in the software market. Since then, they had been creating products that help freelancers as well as small businesses in managing their financial records and tax obligations. Keeping up with the growth of technology, they had also upgraded their QuickBooks software to include a cloud-based affiliation. This will center on its collaboration with Google’s very own online business software, G Suite.

A few weeks ago, G Suite had formerly been known as “Google Apps for Work”. There had been a few updates to the software lately. One promising upgrade is that subscribers of G Suite now have the capability plot meetings and appointment schedules using Google Calendar. Additionally, these schedules will be available automatically on QuickBooks. This implies a quicker and easier invoicing system. Businesses can be readily invoiced even without having the user manually input the appointments on the QuickBooks software.

Moreover, businesses can now register for QuickBooks using the G Suite Marketplace. It also provides subscribers with the single sign-on feature. They access QuickBooks directly from their Google accounts. This means employees will not have to worry about remembering plenty of user logins and passwords. All they need to remember are they Google login details.

Because QuickBooks is one of the world’s largest brands for the accounting software industry, the alliance is indeed remarkable feature for Google. It’s a win – win situation for both companies. QuickBooks helps G Suite to come close to the people while G Suite enables Intuit to attract new users as well as keep existing ones. In fact, a majority of Intuit’s customers already use some, if not most, of Google’s online tools.

An interesting alliance between Google and Intuit has just begun. This alliance will bring tremendous benefits to hundreds, if not millions, of small business across the globe. The vice president and leader for Intuit’s developer team had pointed this out. Vinay Pai said that their records show that about fifty-six percent of QuickBooks users are already using Google Calendar. Putting the two technologies enables them to provide great enhancements to the solutions they had already been providing their customers.