Inter Milan flops – Clear win for Hapoel Be`er Sheva


Poor performance or just ran out of luck?
Three-time European champions will have some explaining to do. Inter Milan was, by many, clear victor out of this one but something really bad happened somewhere down the road. It seems that even De Boer can’t figure out what exactly went wrong and stated for Sky Sport Italia that he will have to take a second look at the game and try to determine the critical factor.

It seems that De Boer had total confidence in his team at the start of the match, as we all did, but pieces just didn’t fit well together in this game, as he stated: “We lost the ball many times to easily and were very sloppy.” What was pretty much the breaking point was the miss of a clear chance by Eder when he hit the post sometime in the 40th minute of the game. After that was the miss from a free kick in the second half where the defense of Hapoel Be`er Sheva did excellent work and denied a score from a sure goal position. According to De Boer, his team made a crucial mistake when they lost their heads after goal number one and stopped working to regain control.

Source: Google
Source: Google

On the other side, manager of Hapoel Be`er Sheva Barak Bakhar had nothing but words of pray for his team, emphasizing the amount of preparation that was needed for a result like this one. Apparently, luck was on their side because according to Bakhar “Everything we had planned worked and I am happy with this fantastic result.” Bakhar also praised the opponents stating that “Inter remains a top level team, but we did well to make them play bad.” Scorers for Hapoel Be`er Sheva were Miguel Vitor in minute 53 and a final nail to Inter Milan`s coffin Maor Buzaglo from a free kick in minute 69.

We hope that Inter Milan will bounce back from this one and make better preparations against Juventus on the 9/18 at 6 PM CEST, and to Hapoel Be`er Sheva all the best, and may they continue this trend throughout the competition.

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