5 Uses of an Instant Pot by a Vegetarian


The instant pot has become a day to day appliance in many households. It is a versatile pressure cooker that can replace other devices such as slow cookers and rice makers. It is a new kind of pressure cooking that can quickly cook a healthy meal. There are so many recipes you can cook with an instant pot. It incorporates different features to help with cooking various recipes. When it comes to vegetarian dishes, it does not disappoint. You cannot run out of dishes to cook as a vegetarian with this appliance. Continue reading to find out more about how vegetarians can use instant pot.

What is an instant pot?


An instant pot is technically a pressure cooker. However, it can also slow cook, sauté, steam veggies and poultry, and make rice. It is like an all-in-one appliance that you can use for many things such as browning chicken or cooking it entirely in the same pot. In many instances, instant meals are usually ready in thirty minutes. Its pressure-cooking function helps it cook very fast by locking the steam created by the liquid, which builds pressure and pushes back the moisture into food. However, you should not mistake it with a stovetop pressure cooker. An instant pot does not have any safety concerns because it has a lid that locks and stays locked.

How To Use An Instant Pot


The use of an instant pot varies on the dish. However, many vegetable recipes follow the same procedure;

  • Turn on the instant pot. Set the instant pot to sauté mode. Put oil in the instant pot. Add aromatics such as garlic and onion and wait for it to brown.
  • Hit the cancel button. Tap the manual, then tap the pressure button. Afterward, you should tap it into a high-pressure mode. The minus and plus buttons are then used to adjust the cooking time.
  • Before fastening the lid, ensure you place it on the instant pot. You will hear a small sound that will let you know you have closed.
  • After this, ensure that the valve is in the sealing position.
  • After the instant pot builds up enough pressure, the red button turns on. This is when the cooking time officially begins.

5 Different Recipes Vegetarians Can Cook

Instant pot vegan chili mac and cheese

If you are looking for something easy and comforting to prepare, vegan instant pot chili mac cheese is the best. This warming and flavorful dish comprises kidney beans, elbow past, onions, bell pepper, spices, and garlic. You make this dish by pressing sauté mode after turning on the instant pot. Then you heat oil and sauté onions, bell pepper, and garlic until soft. You can then add the vegan crumble, which is optional. Add all the other ingredients and vegetable broth. Switch the pot to the off button, then close the lid and place the sealing. Put on the manual mode and pressure cook for four minutes. Release the steam by turning the valve to venting, then open the lid and adjust the taste.

Vegan instant pot white bean stew


This is a dump and go recipe because you dump all the ingredients into the pot and do nothing while cooking. Most people use dried beans and soak them overnight. This helps the beans stay soft and creamy. Drain and rinse, then turn the instant pot to sauté and heat until shimmering. Follow the same procedure as the instant pot vegan chili mac and cheese.

Freezer meal spicy sweet potato peanut stew


This is a vegetarian dish packed with spicy-sweet flavors and has a great nutritional value thanks to sweet potatoes and kale. You should prepare the soup and freeze it. When you feel hungry, you can put it in the instant pot and leave it to heat.

Instant pot vegan burrito bowls


Do you hate washing up? Preparing this dish requires little washing up because one sautés and cooks at the same time. Vegan burrito bowls are great if you are very busy. The leftovers are perfect to be served as lunch for the next day.

Vegan grilled pepper tacos with mole sauce


A famous staple in Mexico is the mole sauce. It has ingredients such as chilies, spices, dark chocolate, and peanuts. It is usually found on enchiladas, but in this dish, it complements the sweet bitterness of green peppers, blistered over the grill for a monumental vegan dinner.


You cannot run out of dishes to cook with an instant pot. There are a variety of dishes which you can get from the internet if you are looking for more ideas. Visit corriecooks.com to get the best instant pot recipes to make maximum use of this appliance.