The Many Benefits of Installing Home Solar Panels


Becoming more environmentally friendly is something many of us are interested in today, especially when we see the effects of humanity’s actions on the climate. There is no denying the fact that we are experiencing a rise in temperature that is causing increased floodings, storms, landslides, and droughts in different parts of the world. And with the current global energy crisis looming, more and more people are trying to find alternative, greener ways to power their home.

The fear of power outages because of a lack of energy and the rising cost of gas and electricity across the world means that finding another way of powering our homes has become increasingly important. But what is the best way to do this? Some people will invest in a large generatorthat they can use in case of a power cut, but others are looking for a more permanent solution that will help to reduce their dependency on the grid and maybe save them some dollars in the process. The experts at Vivint Solar say that this is the main reason home solar panels have become so popular in recent times. So, what are the benefits of installing a home solar panel system?

The Advantages of Home Solar Panels

Save on Energy Bills

Depending on where you live in the U.S., you can save a little or a lot on your energy bills by having a solar panel system installed on the roof of your home. The panels contain photovoltaic (or PV) cells, which absorb the sunlight and covert it to DC energy. This energy travels to an inverter which then converts it to the AC energy used to supply power to the home. The excess energy generated can either be transferred to a battery (if one is installed) or sent back to the grid.

As you might imagine, the sunnier it is, the more power is absorbed by the solar panels and the more power is generated for the home. But even on cloudy days, light from the Sun can still be absorbed by the panels, although it does generate less power in the process. If you live in a warm climate, then solar panels are obviously a fantastic option, but even if you live in a temperate climate with changing seasons, you can still benefit from having these panels on your home. Irrespective of the climate, the panels will help to reduce your dependency on the grid and will save you money in the process.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you are trying to be more environmentally friendly, solar power for your home is definitely the way to go. When compared to other methods of powering the home, solar energy is more eco-friendly. If more people turned to solar power for their homes, the impact on the environment would be significantly reduced, instantly cutting down on the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution to our water and air. A cleaner atmosphere benefits our health and will ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Increase the Value of Your Home

In addition to helping you save money on your energy bills, having a solar panel system will add value to your home. This sought-after energy saving system is one that will increase the resale value of your home should you wish to move in the future. A survey by real estate giant Zillow found that homes with solar panel systems installed sold for 4.1% higher on average than comparable homes without such systems. They say the reason for the higher market value is the potential savings that solar energy can provide for the homeowner.

Easy to Maintain

Something that many people worry about when considering installing a solar panel system is the maintenance of the panels. The good news is that the panels are actually incredibly low maintenance. Most people will hire a company to come and service their system once a year to ensure all is working as it should. Such services usually include a clean of the panels to remove dirt and dust, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. Homeowners can jet wash their panels themselves if they are comfortable working at height.

Is it Worth Installing a Solar Panel System?

The benefits of solar panel systems are evident, but the reality is that these systems do require an initial investment and so there are those that wonder if it is worth the cost. Installation costs of home solar panels can vary quite significantly depending on the type and size of system chosen. The larger the system (i.e., the more panels) and the higher the quality of the materials used, the more you are likely to pay.

It is worth noting howeverthat a more expensive solar panel system can be the better option in terms of longevity and long-term savings. Cheaper systems are prone to what is known as delamination, which is when the plastic on the back of the panel separates from the glass at the front. If this happens, moisture and air can get into the system and cause it to fail.

If you want a good solar panel system, it is worth using a reliable, well-known brand and paying a bit more for a superior system. It will benefit you in the long term. The system will last longer and continue to deliver year on year.

It may take several years to recoup the initial outlay of a solar panel system, but many providers offer payment plans which allow homeowners to spread out the cost for their solar panel system over a number of years. This makes it easier to manage the payment and, because the energy savings will be noticed immediately, it can help to offset the cost of installation.

How quickly you pay off your system will typically depend on where you live and the amount of electricity the system generates. If you live in a sunny part of the country, it could take five years. For others, it may take up to twenty years.