How Marketing through Instagram Reels can uplift your Brand’s Persona


You’re not the only one who has heard of Reels. A lot of people have drawn comparisons between Reels and TikTok, and some have speculated that Instagram’s most recent update is an attempt to stem the development of the popular video-sharing network in question.

In any case, Reels should be an important part of your company’s marketing plan. One billion monthly active Instagram users have already adopted Reels, changing consumer expectations.

Using this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about Instagram Reels and how you can leverage this latest Instagram feature to uplift your brand’s persona over the social network.

6 Ways Instagram Reels Can Elevate a Brand’s Personality

1. Provide Your Viewers with a Behind the Scenes Peek

Short 30-second videos like Instagram Reels are perfect for connecting with your audience on a more intimate level. And one of the greatest ways to accomplish that is to give your audience a look behind the scenes of your company.

For example, if you own a pizzeria in your town, your customers are already aware that your pizzas are visually appealing because of your frequent Instagram pictures and stories. How much time and effort does it take you to make and transport the food you sell?

Showing them on reels is the best way to do it. Because it’s just a 15-30 second clip, there’s no need to prepare ahead of time or perform any fancy editing. As a result of this kind of content, your audience will feel more connected to your brand since they can identify with it on a personal level.

Not to mention that it’s an excellent method to demonstrate your sincerity while also igniting interest in your goods.

2. Share User-generated Content

Brands love Instagram Reels because it makes it easier for customers to connect with their products. Your target audience wants to know more about your business and its community, not simply product advertisements pushed in their faces.

Adding authenticity may be accomplished in several ways, one of which is via the use of behind-the-scenes footage. In other words, how do you make it easier for people to create their content?

Micro-influencers may help you get started by using your goods or services in mini-videos they produce for you. Make a short slideshow Reel using fan-submitted images if you have them.

Even better, you can make collaborative videos using an online video editing solution and post them on your Instagram profile. Hosting a hashtag contest is still another option. This will help raise and boost the specific instagram profile.

In this contest, participants are encouraged to upload short videos of their product in action and tag your company in captions. Reward participants for submitting the finest or most effective work.

Customer public appreciation of your business is enhanced through a hashtag contest, which encourages consumers to use your company’s hashtag publicly.

3. Publish Quick How-to’s

Instagram Reels are a great way to demonstrate your genuineness while showcasing your brand’s credibility and giving value to your followers, so they keep coming back for more.

Provide a step-by-step tutorial for consumers on how to accomplish something amazing with your product, that is. Also, it isn’t necessary that it be connected to your company. It is possible to show how to create excellent pizzas at home using the pizzeria as an example.

Use FAQ-style films to answer common questions before they arise. Present information in a digestible manner that assists your audience in making purchasing choices. Also, don’t forget to include some comedy.

To collect questions for Reels, use the Q&A sticker in your Instagram Stories. Engage your audience by inviting them to leave comments on Reels and asking what they want to see next.

4. Narrate Your Brand’s Story

Instagram Reels is a great tool for small company owners that want to tell their story to a wider audience. Introductory instagram reels help your audience connect with your business on a human level, and it’s quick and simple to make with minimal preparation needed. To know more about the ideas and the templates of instagram reels, you can visit

You began with a dream and a goal in mind. Please spread the word about this. Being vulnerable on the internet may be frightening, so keep things casual and talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend.

Also, don’t forget that you’re not limited to just one 30-second video submission. It’s quite OK to introduce oneself throughout three or four Reels that may be seen sequentially on your Instagram profile by going to the Reels tab.

5. Product Showcase Reels

Has anything you’ve purchased online ever arrived and been completely different from what you expected? Demonstrate your goods in real-world situations to save your audience the pain.

Emphasize your product’s strongest points. Make an effort to highlight your product’s USP (unique selling proposition) – what makes your product superior to others in its category?

This means that to promote training shoes, you need to film a short video of someone lacing them up and walking about in them. Put them together with clothing suggestions. Incorporate buying instructions like “Click here to purchase today!” into your caption.

Additionally, you must grab the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds of the Reel to keep them from scrolling past.

6. Make your Reels Personal & Relatable

Do not forget to use reels’ real purpose, which is to interact with your audience in an enjoyable and intimate manner. Instead of delivering a dry, academic lecture, you should use this opportunity to engage with your audience on a more personal level.

Show off your CEO’s morning routines, the conference vlogs your staff is attending, or the everyday bloopers your audience can relate to. Embrace the latest meme or video style if it’s relevant to your business.

In fact, you may want to think about starting your trend or challenge and enlisting the help of your fans in the process. Only by being a little vulnerable can you build trust with your audience. Make your Reels authentic by being honest with them.


Overall, this kind of material is here to stay and will likely continue to develop in the future as well. Due to the popular nature of the platform and the ease with which it will integrate with your existing social media marketing efforts, we believe Instagram Reels is a better bet than TikTok.