Instagram Growing Strategies in 2019


There must be hundreds of articles on this topic! Am I right? People have their own ideas and strategies, but the question that still remains here is what’s best for me? Which one works for me? Or which way still work?

You should know that most of the old strategies that you read on the web or you watch on YouTube are not working anymore since Instagram has changed their API and the sorting algorithm. This article is going to talk about the real strategies and the ways that are still working and can be used by you to grow your Instagram faster based on my research and hands-on experience in the Instagram marketing field for pas a few years.

Before jumping to the main topic, there are a few things that you need to remember. Otherwise, none of the strategies work for you and your Instagram account. These are like pre-requirements for having a legit and decent Instagram account in order to make anyone follow your page.

  1. Account’s look and content

First thing first, keep the home clean! I have seen people who are complaining that my business account is not gaining followers! When you see the account, they have a weak bio and even the profile picture. Make sure that you see the successful pages and follow their guideline for writing a bio. You can have a decent logo for your page only by spending $5 on Fiverr to make you page professional like a decent company.

Content is the key! Yes, that’s literally everything. No one will like, repost or follow an account with weak content. Hence make sure that you are posting great content in your field. If you have no idea how good your content is, again go back to the big pages in your niche and check their content and follow their step in posting content.

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  1. Using hashtags and location

It might sound simple but remember that lots of people browse on hashtags or locations. Furthermore, Instagram has released a new feature that you can follow a hashtag beside the other followers. They added the category section in the explore page which is based on the hashtags and locations. Hence the importance of the hashtags and location is more than before. Using these feature makes your content sharper for the Instagram, and you have a chance to be promoted through the explore tab through the category.

  1. Engagement groups

Engagement groups were one of the solid ways to promote your post through the explore tab of the Instagram. Since Instagram has changed the algorithm for the content to be viral, it’s not easy like before to get your content viral by liking and commenting in the engagement group. Although it’s hard to make your post viral via engagement group, it’s still effective, and you can get the benefit of being part of a good engagement group in your Instagram direct message.

  1. Featured post from big Influencers

Getting your account promoted through any big page or an influencer in your niche is one of the good ways to get more followers for your Instagram account. You always have a chance to talk to other pages in your niche to promote each other accounts. Another way to work with an influencer is to use the influencer platform on the web such as Famebit and etc. to get you to account promoted. However, using the third party platform and working with big influencer can be costly. 

  1. Interacting software

If you have no time for being part of the engagement groups or finding other influencers to work with and you want to avoid paying for influencers shout outpost, there is another way for you! There are some platforms out there for growing your Instagram account automatically! These kinds of platforms using automated software to interact with the user who is interested in your account niche. By liking and following the other users daily based on the automated schedule, the attention of the users will be on your profile, and you have a big chance to be followed if you have a quality post on your Instagram page.

There are so many companies that offer the professional assistance. However, based on my studies and experience of working with them, a few of them such as Labgram, OnPost are very helpful and get the right results. There is also a shortcut for those people who have no time, and they are seeking a good page to buy from the Influencers. If you are looking for an Instagram account for sale make sure that you use an escrow service for this purpose. Social Tradia is one of the decent options to avoid you getting scammed and get your goods in a secure way.

As a conclusion, content has the most important role in growing your Instagram. Quality post and a good caption is everything. Before doing any of these above steps make sure you post great content and your captions are engaging to the users. All the above strategies have been used and proven with different percentage of success. It is your choice which one you like to start with, but again content is the key.