The world of entertainment is changing forever. The world of media is changing daily. What was once a tightly knitted and close guarded market, is now open to pretty much anyone who knows how to gather an audience. The massive success of popular YouTubers and internet stars has led to dramatic shifts in the way we receive our entertainment, our news, and, in many ways, our lifestyle. One such innovator paving the way, is the YouTuber and actor, Isaac D.C.

New Beginnings

Isaac D.C. is a YouTube entertainer, actor, comedian, film maker. He first gained popularity on the social app, Instagram, earlier this year. It was just a fun way for him to connect with his friends starting out, but soon he began to notice the significant attention to his profile. Isaac D.C. gained more than 20,000 followers on his account over a 5 month period, after making his first video. Shortly after, Isaac started a YouTube channel for capturing and sharing his favorite moments. At the time of writing, his channel has more than 30,000 views and counting.

Early Successes

His early videos featured typical things such as challenges, dancing, comedy, DIY, and more. However, things started to take a more serious tone in early September when Isaac D.C. published a video entitled, “Let’s Talk. Depression, Recovery, and Finding your Voice.” While the video is not exactly clear as to what brought on the more serious tone, Isaac D.C. describes that he has been, “not doing great.” He attributes this to his own, “misplaced trust,” and “vulnerable emotions.” Even though his social media depicts a perfect life, this video shows him to be just a normal guy going through a tough time.

A New Kind of Video

Most recently, Isaac D.C. has released his idea for “A New Kind of Video,” coming out with his most recent project. It merges the genre lines of 2 common YouTube themes. The first one is, “The Vlog,” or “Video Blog.” These have been popular on the platform for a number of years and have been commonly used by popular creators. The second is a short film. These are popular among creators trying to get in the film industry. Isaac D.C. has created a new kind of video combining the elements of both. It is styled like a short film with beautiful imagery, dramatic music and a storyline. However, it is not a work of fiction. It depicts a typical day in the life of Isaac D.C.

A Day in the Life

Isaac D.C.’s new video is full of beautiful imagery, charming moments of romance, and exciting cityscapes. In it, you can watch as Isaac juggles school, driving, photoshoots, hair styling, cooking, dates, and fun, as he tries to cultivate the perfect, “Day in the Life.” As Isaac said on Twitter after its release, “I believe I have created something special here, and I really hope you guys enjoy.”


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