Injury Roundup: Jamal Charles And Eric Decker


A lot of players are always given that questionable status for their games on Sunday. People always make the speculations based on that. But, now it is Football Sunday, and we have some news on some big time impact players.

Jamal Charles will make his season debut today. After injuring his knee that caused him to miss most of the last season and three games to start this season, he will be back against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

His status is still under a small question mark, but he will most likely see his season debut today. He returned to full practice on Wednesday and hadn’t played a game since Week 5 of last season so it will be interesting to see how will this affect his performance.

Another big name is Eric Decker who has been ruled out for Sunday’s contest with Seahawks due to the partially torn rotator cuff. Jets’ coach Bowles said that his status will be week-to-week. He also stated that it’s too early to tell if he needs the surgery or not.

This is a huge blow to the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick. He threw six picks last week, and he needs as much help as he can get since he will be going up against that Seattle Seahawks defense.

Sammy Watkins also won’t be able to play today. He was put on team injured reserve list and won’t be able to compete for quite some time. Bills’ wideout will rest and nurture that foot but it is unclear when he will return.