How an Infographic Can Help Your Social Media Marketing


Social media has become a power player in the world of marketing and promotion. Businesses and individuals alike can use social media to expand their audience and increase awareness for their product/brand/idea; if they do it right.

A is an image or document that conveys information or data in graphic form. They are commonly used to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, information, or knowledge into a more understandable format. An example of this would be a cutaway view showing the interior structure of a building or machine. Infographics have become extremely popular amongst today’s youth and can be found everywhere including on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

A great way to kick-start this process is through the use of an infographic, which, like most things on social media, has its own unique approach toward marketing an idea or product. Here’s how:

1.  The Best Infographics Are Engaging

An infographic can be visually stimulating; especially when using interesting fonts, colors, and designs – all of which you can change to fit your business’ branding – as well as images and videos (if needed). According to SearchEngineJournal, infographics receive an average of 12,000 Facebook likes and 4,200 tweets. This just goes to show that infographics, which are a form of visual content, affect people much differently than text-based articles or blog posts. An infographic can help break through the noise and drive attention from your audience in the best way possible.

2.  A Good Social Media Infographic is Shareable

In addition to being visually stimulating, cool infographics are easy to share across social media platforms. Because an infographic is typically a visual representation of information – which can be text-heavy at times – it gives readers a reason/excuse to engage with other content on your website or business page.

This means that infographics are so easy to share. In turn, your post can be seen by a lot of people in just a short time.

3.  Business Infographic Works as a Backlink Builder

Every time someone re-posts your infographic, you have the opportunity for other people who see that post (either through their newsfeeds or by checking out the link) to visit your site and learn about what you do. That’s why it’s important to make sure your infographic works as a standalone piece because readers should be able to learn about your business and the problem you solve without visiting other pages on your website.

4. A Cool Infographic is Easy to Consume

An infographic doesn’t require much reading; this makes it great for audiences who are scanning through their newsfeeds during their morning commute or while waiting in line at the supermarket. And scrolling through an infographic is far less strenuous than reading blocks of text all the way through!

5.  A Simple Infographic Converts Well

Infographics are great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because they typically contain keywords and information about the content that’s shared; it usually works well with short, self-explanatory pieces of text. Because infographics are easy to read and get through quickly, readers tend to retain more information than they would by reading a full article or blog post on your site.

So where do you start? First, decide what topic your infographic will be tackling. Then come up with an outline or some ideas for displaying the information visually on your layout. After that, it’s time to gather data, images, and quotes if needed. While creating the infographic itself takes some creativity and visual design skills, it doesn’t require a degree in design to make one. Now that you know why infographics are such a powerful part of social media marketing, start brainstorming ideas for the next one!

6.  You’ve Got Room For Creativity

As mentioned before, there are tons of different infographics that go into creating a successful social media marketing strategy – from interactive graphics that give users a chance to engage with content, to those that share essential “how-to” information. The sky is the limit with infographics because there are so many different ways you can display data. So go ahead and be creative!

7.   A Good Infographic Should Be Relevant

As with any other form of content, you shouldn’t share an infographic just to fill up space. Make sure the graphic is relevant to your social media audience and provide information that they’ll find interesting. And make sure it’s not something you could find at a random website or blog – there should be some thought behind creating your own infographic.

8.  A Good Infographic Should Not Be Too Self-Promotional

Businesses can certainly create infographics about their brands and share them on social media – but they should be careful not to sound too self-promotional. Social media audiences don’t like it when companies use all of their posts as a way to promote their businesses, so find a good balance with your content.

9.  A Good Infographic Should Be Timely

The information you choose to share should still be relevant even after a few weeks or months. That means it’s important not to use old news or facts that will become irrelevant within the next month or two. Look for data and statistics that are current, and always provide up-to-date information with your social media infographics.

In Conclusion

As a business, having a website is great for your marketing campaign, but why stop there? These days, it’s important to branch out and explore new opportunities to keep up with changing consumer trends. Infographics should be an essential part of every company’s social media strategy because it enhances other parts of your digital presence as well as makes content easier to digest/share across all platforms.

The possibilities are endless, which is why an infographic can be a great way to kick start your social media marketing. The success of an image really does rest on how much creativity and effort you’re willing to put into it – so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas!  Just remember that the more creative you get, the better chance you have for going viral!