Even though Q50 wasn’t the most attractive vehicle presented in New York by the Infiniti, but thanks to QX80 Monograph SUV concept this company still appeared and left a mark. The company revised this car in order to attract more potential customers and better it as much as possible for the show. The Infiniti Q50 isn’t the only car that underwent this process, some of other models with same faith include Hyundai Sonata, Acura TLX, VW Golf, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Yaris and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Modifications and upgrades of the Q50 are mostly dealing with looks and aesthetics.

When we look at the front end of the car, we can see that the grille has been enlarged and now at both corners we have modified swoops. When it comes to the S version, we see sharp creases on both sides of the primary grille which go down to the center grille. The outboard grilles on the front bumper have also been modified shape-wise, and they now have a contrasting black plastic trim. The standard version of Q50 has a different bumper from the S version, a bumper that looks less dangerous and aggressive but still keeps that sporty look because of the more prominent chin spoiler.

When it comes to back end of the vehicle, both versions are almost identical there. However, the biggest change is seen on the bumper since we have the center diffuser at the base. The diffuser’s contour has two creases in the bumper which stand at higher points. When it comes to the S model, the panel between the first crease and the first diffuser is in black color, and the sole diffuser is painted in the body color of the car. The standard version has the bumper which is painted in the body color and has the diffuser that looks somewhat grayish or blackish.

Cabin-wise there are almost no changes. However, a new steering wheel is featured with the redesigned thumb grips. Leather shift knob and new stitching to the instrument panel were also added. Not much but still worth mentioning. This car is expected to arrive this summer, and you’ll be able to see it for yourself at your local car dealership.