How to Improve Fluency Score in PTE Test?


In the PTE test, you require certain skills to answer the question. Oral fluency is very important in this test to get a good score on some questions like Read aloud, Repeat sentences, Describe images, Re-tell lectures, etc.

Let’s understand what oral fluency is? There are many misconceptions that fluency means speaking at full speed or do not take any pause while speaking. But in actuality, it means smooth, effortless, natural-paced delivery of the speech.

Be relaxed and confident while speaking. Speak in a natural-paced manner, as relaxed as possible. The computer can catch your nervousness and your score will go low. Speak in a natural way, as you are speaking in front of a person, not a computer. Do not use any voice slag while speaking, as the PTE is an academic exam.

Filler sounds like uh, ah, etc. should be avoided. Avoid unnatural pauses or long pauses as after 3 minutes of silence the microphone will go off. So, you should keep these things in your mind. Too much fluctuation in your voice decreases your score. You should use intonations, and put stress on the important words.

Improve your vocabulary. Many times, students do not get the words, it is due to a lack of proper vocabulary. You can improve it by reading newspapers, novels, and articles. You have to develop your habit to read daily. Gradually it will improve your fluency.

Sometimes even after all practice, we will be stuck up or just black out, so you should not take a long pause and go to the next question. Long pauses will reduce your score.

You can find an English-speaking partner. This is a really incredible method to improve your English, but that person should be as dedicated as you to speaking English. They should also be in the learning process. You both can find out each other’s mistakes. Real PTE test can be daunting, especially the speaking fluently part! This will help you with it.

If you don’t have any person, with whom you can speak English, you can join any English club or any short-term course. Fluency will come with practice. The more practice, the more you fluent be. We recommend speaking English as much as you can with your family, and friends, or if you are working, speak English in the office.

To improve fluency, you should also listen more. Focus on the rhythm of the language, the tone, how they speak, and the different patterns they are using. It will definitely help you to improve your fluency.

Record what you speak in English, it is the best way to improve your pronunciation. Listen to your recorded voice to check out the mistakes and try to improve them.

While speaking practice, feel that you are explaining the content to the other person.  You can practice on PTE Mock Test, and also practice past exam questions. There are hundreds of mock tests designed by other institutions. Most of them are quite structured, designed well, and find useful to understand the format of the test. With the scored mock test, you can know your preparation level.

Another very difficult part is writing the essay:

Essay writing is the main part of the writing section in the PTE test. This module aims to check your vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing skills. In this module, you will get a 2 to 3-line prompt stating the opinion or statement. Prompts can be written in several ways. You can mention both positive and negative points of the topic and also write about the problems and solutions. You will get 20 minutes to write 200-300 words. You have to complete the essay in the given time, so Time management is very important in it. Your essay should be simple and related to the topic.

After reading the prompt, you should not start writing immediately. Take a few minutes to understand the topic. There should be clarity of idea, and what points you will describe in the essay. Planning is a crucial part of the essay. After making a plan, essay writing becomes easy. Relax your mind so that you can concentrate properly. It will not waste your time but help you to organize the topic and saves time. You have to show your writing ability in the test. If you use correct grammar, you will get a high score.

The perfect essay should be in a structured manner i.e., first, you should give an introduction about the topic. The first sentence of the essay should grab the attention of the reader. It can be started with some Idioms or a thesis statement. In the next two paragraphs explain the main ideas of the topic. It provides support to the main topic. You can elaborate on the main topic with the use of quotations, evidence, examples, and supporting views. At last, a summary has led to the conclusion. Make sure your paragraph order makes sense. The use of idiomatic expressions increased your score more but you should be careful about the repetition of words, you can use the synonyms of the same word.  Do not use bullets or numbers in writing an essay. The ideal essay should not be more than three or four paragraphs. Keep the word limit in your mind. The ideal essay should be up to 250 words but it should not go beyond 300 words at any cost. The content should be related to the topic and should not leave the important points. You should use punctuation marks as per the requirement. Spellings should be correct. Do not use slang and don’t use informal structures as this is an academic test.

Proofreading is a very important part of the writing section. In this part, you have to only find out spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. You should be sure that you have organized the text well and covered the all points related to the topic. There should be clarity in writing an essay so that reader can understand your message.

You can improve your writing skills with practice. The practice material is enormously available on the internet. You can also practice with previous years’ PTE topic, or join a good online course.

Hope this information will help you to write the perfect PTE essay.