7 Important Things Your Dentist Will Never Tell You


The health of our teeth is of great importance. Many health problems stem from the fact that we have problems in our mouths. That is why regular visits to the dentist are something we have to include in our schedule for as long as we live. Any skipped appointment with a dentist is a big minus for our short-term and long-term health.

If you are one of those who regularly go to check up every 6 months, we sincerely congratulate you. But you probably think that is enough, that everything else will be done by your dentist. And that he or she will provide you with all the necessary information. He will mostly do that, but there are always things he won’t tell you, either because he doesn’t want to or he forgot. As some of these things are very important, we put together list of important things your dentist will never tell you and you should know them.

1. To avoid teeth whitening


Teeth whitening or tooth bleaching is very popular and you must have done it or thought of doing it at least once. We agree that nothing is more beautiful than a bright white smile, which will make you look like a Hollywood star.

For this reason, it is one of the most common procedures that every dentist does. And since this is one of the most common procedures and therefore brings in a lot of money, 99 percent of dentists will fail to tell you that it is actually potentially harmful to your teeth.

The whitening process actually removes your enamel. And the whiter you want your teeth to be, the more damaged the enamel will be. So be careful with whitening and if you decide to do it, make sure a respectable professional will perform it. And you should keep in mind that it can never be completely white unless you put ceramic crowns.

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2. About the importance of saliva


Saliva is something we are used to having in our mouth, and we are usually disgusted by others. But we believe you never thought about the real role of saliva in your mouth. And that is something the dentist should explain to you, but since he probably didn’t do it, we will do it instead of him.

Saliva has a very important role in maintaining a healthy mouth because it cleans teeth and gums. It contains various enzymes that successfully kill many bacteria and prevent caries. That is why people who naturally have increased salivation are less at risk of caries. While people who have dry mouth for any reason need to pay special attention to dental hygiene because they are lacking natural help in combat with bacteria.

3. About the potential dangers of tongue piercings


Fortunately, the popularity of tongue piercing passed almost 10 years ago. But that does not mean that no one has it anymore, on the contrary, many still decide to put on a tongue piercing. Your dentist, if he is conscientious, should be very opposed to that decision. And what are the reasons?

Well, your mouth is full of bacteria, according to some research, there are more bacteria than around the anus. For that reason, it is very easy to get an infection. Proper cleaning is essential, but even that is not one hundred percent prevention. Anyone who has had a tongue piercing has encountered an infection at least a few times, which is very unpleasant, although not very dangerous (it is not life-threatening). So our advice is to avoid this.

4. That they are looking for signs of other diseases

Your dentist never tells you that while examining your teeth and gums, he is not only looking for dental diseases and problems but while doing his primary job, he is also doing check-ups of your overall health.

Dentists may be among the first to notice heart disease or diabetes. Your mouth says a lot about your health, so if he notices that your gums are bleeding more than normal, he will tell you that you should go and check your blood sugar level. Also, he may notice sleep apnea, which is a very dangerous disease if left untreated. If you have problems with headaches, the dentist is someone to contact because the common causes of headaches are dental problems that have spread to the sinuses.

5. Wisdom teeth do not have to be extracted

Most must undergo surgery to have wisdom teeth extracted, as they can cause a variety of problems. However, there are people for whom they do not create any problems and then there is no need for surgical intervention. So do not extract them until there is a need for it, because you can live your whole life with them normally, and avoid very unpleasant surgery if you can.

6. That you should chew gum


When you are a child, your parents usually tell you that it is very unhealthy to chew gum. This is not true at all, of course if you choose sugar-free ones. Although you should not do this too often, so as not to stimulate the secretion of stomach acid too much, you should still do it once a day. The reason is the increased secretion of saliva, the benefits of which we have already explained to you.

7. Mouthwash is mostly unnecessary


Everyone uses mouthwash, thinking it is something very useful. And the truth is that it is not very useful. Although it has its purpose in certain situations, it usually only serves to briefly improve the smell of your breath.

If it contains alcohol, then it will further dry your mouth and cause a feeling of thirst. So choose those that are alcohol-free. And you should also keep in mind that you should not hide your breath, especially before going to the dentist. The breath says a lot about your teeth and gums.


We believe you didn’t know most of these things because no one ever told you. So after reading this article you can say that you are much more educated when it comes to dental hygiene.