If The Rock sees you cry you are getting a selfie!

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This huge man is once again proving that he has a soft spot and that he is probably the most considering celebrity Hollywood has ever produced. This time Dwayne managed to blow us all by allowing a crying fan to take a selfie of her dreams with him. This image was shared trough his social media channels, and he admitted that he has no defense when it comes to tears, especially women’s.

Under the photo, you will see here, Dwayne wrote: “If I see ya crying, I’ll call an audible and the game plan changes.” He tried to explain that he is, more often than believed, pulled away from crowds and brought through back entrances in order to avoid getting slowed down by copious fan attention during his travels.

Source: instagram.com

This time he had to change his plans because he was distracted by a very overwhelmed fan who happened to be in the back area where he was trying to move through, even though she definitely shouldn’t have been there. The Rock added to the caption “Security says no, I see tears and say YES, then I get mascara and tears on my new shirt,” and he continued by writing “These lil’ (sic) moments w/ fans will always be some of the best parts of fame.” Isn’t he great or what?!

The fans that flanked Dwayne stated that they had actually been waiting since 8 AM for the chance to see Johnson, so naturally, he took his time to take pictures with both of them and even managed to joke about his Baywatch co-star Zac Efron before moving on. A great person indeed! Check out the video below!

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