How Do I Know I Need Blue Light Glasses?


How often do you have itchy or dry eyes? Have you ever felt the need to moisturize them or take proper care of them after sitting in front of a computer for a long time? Staring at the screen 8 hours a day means that you will have to reach for some protective glasses and think about your eye health. This applies to any age group and line of work, but especially to those who work with technological devices on a daily. Wondering if you need blue light lenses? Keep on reading and find out more-so down below.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light-blocking glasses are unique computer glasses that you can use to protect yourself and your eyes from the blue light that is being emitted through the screen. It is a serious and dangerous light, but it is not as popular as UV light, hence why people aren’t as worried or educated on that topic. These glasses have the power to protect your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. If you have and are experiencing:

  • Watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Hypersensitivity to light
  • Itchy eyes
  • Or a headache

You could give these glasses a go and try to calm down the inflammation and severe dryness or redness. More on that down below!

Top 8 signs you need blue light glasses

1. Fuzzy vision

A lot of people tend to spend hours sitting in front of their computers. Some do it for work and others do it for the joy of playing video games for hours. However, you probably don’t even know the impact that digital technology can have on your eyes and eye strains. If you have been struggling with a fuzzy vision it might be best to see a doctor. Make sure to keep track of any new changes. You should be also careful if you get too fuzzy or dizzy as you step away from your gadgets.

2. Your screen time is 10+ hours

Your computer or your laptop isn’t the only harmful device that you can use and that can make an impact on your vision. In fact, you should also add up your tablet and phone screen time to consideration. You can find blue light while sitting in front of your computer but also when watching the TV and your favorite show. So, what is the real number and true screen time when it comes to your daily exposure? Do the math and you’ll realize that you need some protection.

3. Headaches

Headaches are an advanced sign that you are suffering from digital eye strain. These might happen every day or at some specific moments, making your tracking of things a lot harder. Try to track them and answer yourself honestly, why and where are they happening? If you’re experiencing them each day and within the same period, with a pressure sensation, you might be in need of some proper goggles.

4. Trouble sleeping

You probably didn’t know that a rough sleeping schedule is linked to strained eyes, right? If you can’t fall asleep at night easily and within a matter of minutes you should try to avoid blue light for an hour before bed. Your brain and your eyes need some time to rest and recharge. Blue light has the most negative effect on melatonin, which is why you should stay off your tech gadgets to grab some zzzs. Drink water and read a book before you tuck yourself in.

5. Body discomfort or pain

Did you know that the way you sit or hold your body can also make an impact on your composure? If you’ve been experiencing headaches, followed by sore shoulders or neck and back pain, now might be a good time to question your eyesight as well. Sitting still and stiff for hours a day can be so draining. Aim for regular little walks to get your blood back flowing and to avoid stressed muscles.

6. Trouble focusing

How many times have you had an issue trying to stay focused on a certain topic and have lost your train of thought? Well, digital eye strain can be the first symptom that causes you to lose focus quickly. Your eyes will struggle with focus since they’ve been damaged by blue light throughout the day, making it impossible for you to focus on a certain task or even too late at night. If you have this issue try to shorten your hours and daily tech use.

7. Eyes are always watery

Women tend to think that their eyes are too watery due to the heavy makeup that they wear, but your eyes can also be watery because you’re putting too much pressure on them. This is why you should never rub your eyes or touch them with dirty fingertips during the day. In fact, try wearing blue light glasses for a week or two and enjoy their progress! You will see that your mascara wasn’t your biggest enemy.

8. Computer time

After spending hours in front of your computer you might notice just how difficult it is for you to complete your work. In fact, you’ll get sick of being in front of your computer without even realizing that it is because of blue light. Try and take a break at a minimum of every hour and walk away from blue light devices entirely to reset and recharge your batteries. Watch out for any new changes or patterns and act accordingly as you spot them.

Want to know more?

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