Hyndai Veloster With 295 HP Tested


Lately, Hyundai has brought us several goodies from its factories, and very recently we have confirmation that one more model is going to see production. The vehicle in question is a version of Hyundai’s Veloster sports car that has been caught testing, which only suggests one thing – production version is just around the corner!

This idea is certainly not new, and the fact that supports it is the Hyundai’s RM16 N Concept which was shown to the general public at this year’s Busan Motor Show. Additionally, we saw Hyundai building two other mid-engine Veloster concept cars. But what is good news for us is that this is actually the first time that one of these cars have been seen testing and that means Hyundai is serious about them and that they have actual plans with the cars in question.


The reason for the creation of the RN concept at Hyundai headquarters was to show just what and how much their N sport performance division is capable of. If you didn’t get to see this vehicle, let me tell you that they went all out and it looks astonishing! Everybody knows that the concept loses some of its identity while transferring to a production vehicle, and that is something you can’t run from. But if Hyundai keeps the production one as close to the concept as possible, then it will most definitely have a mid-mounted 2.0 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is capable of offering 295 HP and 282 lb-ft of torque which will be sent to the rear wheels thanks to a six-speed manual transmission. Lightweight car, powerful turbo motor, rear wheel drive, manual transmission. Can it get any better?

One more thing that adorns the RN16 Concept is its aluminum spaceframe and extensive use of the light materials such as carbon fibers. Implementation of these is making it 430 pounds lighter than the standard Veloster, meaning that the total weight is just above the 2.800 lbs.