Many reports suggest that the Hurricane Irma could be the most powerful storm ever that was formed over Atlantic and the first island that was ravaged by it was Barbuda. Incredibly strong winds have damaged or completely destroyed about 90% of buildings on this island, and 60% of the population is now homeless, around 1,400 people will need to find shelter after this impact.

Unfortunately, one person, a two-year-old child have died during the storm. While the Irma continues its path towards other islands and US coast, it leaves destroyed infrastructure.

It will not be easy to recover from this, and it will take months and possibly years for it. Reports of damaged communication systems and roads are pouring in, and we will have to wait a little bit longer before we get all info. This is not all as there is a possibility that another storm will hit this region during the weekend as Hurricane Jose is forming and approaching.


Anguilla was also hit, and one person died. Level of destruction is best described by Ronald Jackson, executive director of the Caribbean disaster and emergency management agency. He stated: “police stations, hospitals, school facilities, three or four emergency shelters, a home for the infirm and the aged, as well as the fire station.” On top of that, many homes are gone and will need time to recover.

Many resorts on the island have been significantly damaged and destroyed according to the tourist board. At this moment airport and both ports are closed further complicating the situation with relief efforts. More help was expected from the British government that has been criticized for slow and improper response to this situation.

St Kitts & Nevis

Reports coming from this island say that it was “spared the full brunt” but that Irma did inflict serious damage. This was stated by prime minister Timothy Harris adding that power failures are also a problem. The airport is expected to be again fully functional on Thursday.

St Martin and St Barts

It seems that this island was not so lucky as there are reports that at least six people were killed and that about 95 percent of the infrastructure was destroyed. One of the local officials, Daniel Gibb, described this as “an enormous catastrophe.”

French government immediately dispatched help by sending emergency teams and supplies. The Netherlands also reacted and sent marines to St Maarten reporting that this area experienced significant destruction. Fortunately, it has been said that there were no deaths.

Virgin Islands

The full power of Hurricane Irma unleashed in the region caused many buildings and homes to be completely annihilated. State of emergency has been declared, and we are still waiting for additional information about the level of destruction.

Puerto Rico

This was one of the last islands that has been hit by Hurricane Irma. Strong winds and heavy rain caused power outages, and most of the population will have to wait for the infrastructure to be repaired. Another problem is the water supply that has been compromised for a significant number of people. At this moment hospitals are using generators.