Hulk Hogan Teasing Return At Wrestlemania?


Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous wrestling personalities not only in the WWE but the whole wrestling world. He was the face of the company for many years in the 80s and early 90s, he is the hero of many people and a reason that many fans have started watching wrestling and WWE. Well, it was WWF back in his days.

He worked with TNA in the 2000s, but he later returned to the WWE, and he was the host of Wrestlemania 30. He got into big trouble in the summer of 2015 as he was caught on tape with racial comments and the company quickly released him and removed every mention of him in their books and on their website.

Hulk Hogan
Source; Smacktalks.Org

We all know that time heals all wounds, so that is why people expected Hogan to be back with the company some day. Right now, it seems that he is pretty close to returning as he won his lawsuit with Gawker. There were also reports that he has been in the talks with Vince McMahon, so his return is definitely possible.

If he returns soon, it may happen at Wrestlemania 33 that will be held in Orlando, or he might return as the next Raw GM. Hulk Hogan teased on Twitter that he will be in Orlando as he has Beach Shop there and he also mentioned Mania in his tweet. If he is going to appear in Orlando, Vince will try to hide it and make it a big surprise; there is no doubt about that.