How Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) And LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Make Data Crunching Look Easy

Twitter building

Technology giants like Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) make data crunching look easy with the help of the latest technology called ‘Stream Processing.’ Other tech companies, both big and small have started following their footsteps to achieve efficiency in data crunching.

Legacy of Twitter and LinkedIn

No matter if someone uses LinkedIn or Twitter, he remains updated about birthdays, new jobs, news links and other important stuff that his/her friends are involved in. It may seem like a part of daily life in today’s time, but round-the-clock planning and coordination at these companies make things look simple yet extraordinary.

As the competition among internet based companies is elevating swiftly, the data crunching seems to be the next big thing. Amidst of the growing demand of the data analytics, technologies like Stream Processing play an important role. Other prominent players other than LinkedIn and Twitter that use Stream Processing include names like Spotify and the National Weather Channel. While Spotify uses it to present recommended songs and relevant advertisements to viewers, the Weather Channel uses it for collecting weather information and analyzing it in the real time.

The Internet of Things play a major role in the expansion of virtual world nowadays, and if the Stream Processing technology can be used in this field, the level of offerings can reach newer heights. While car manufacturers can use this technology to check and decide the best route that their cars can take to reach the desired locations, truck companies can also make use of it to track transportation activities.

The more data a company has, the better position it can find itself in, but unless it knows how to crunch the data for the benefit of the business, everything is useless. Experts claim that the use of Stream Processing and other such technology will continue to increase in the future as the market grows.