How to Take Care of A Cat?


Living with cats is a very pleasant thing. Adorable behavior makes people so happy. However, not everybody feels pleasant around the cat, so that cats can become uncomfortable near us.

Treating cats in the right way will make the cat more comfortable near us and with proper care, it can guarantee his safety. Therefore, you need to know how to properly live with and take care of cats.

How to Lift a Cat

Lifting a cat does sound like a trivial thing, but there are still many people who are doing it wrong. For instance, by pulling the back of his neck.

Although the mother picks it up in this way, it is not recommended, especially for kittens. This is because the strength of a human is greater than the strength of a cat and you can pull it tightly. Of course, this can cause cats to feel unease.

There are many correct ways to lift cats, but there is one method that is often used. First is to put one hand on the cat’s stomach, then the other hand lifts the cat’s body. When it is lifted, it immediately positions it close to your body, like holding a baby.

The method mentioned earlier is used when your cat is under. If your cat is in a high place or in a place that is in line with you, then just grab his body with one hand. However, make sure your hand is in a position to circle his body. After that, do it like carrying a baby, just like the first way.

If you want to lift the kittens, the two methods above can also be used, but you have to be more careful and more gently. In order for him to be comfortable in a sling, don’t forget to also provide a blanket to keep him warm and prevent you from being scratched.

Do not do this!

People often make mistakes when they are around cats. Because of these mistakes, the cat can get injured. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do.

  1. Pull the tail

Cats really like to enter narrow places, so it will often be trapped. At that time, if you can’t pull the cat’s body, then the cat’s tail will be the target. According to, the cat’s tail can be fractured and pulling a tail is a behavior that should not be done.

  1. Pulling his body with feet

Pulling the cat’s body with feet is the most often done if we can’t reach her or lazily pull her by hand. Though this is very dangerous for cats because the cat’s legs are fragile. Therefore, the strength of the pull of a human foot can cause his legs dislocated easily.

  1. Pressing or holding the front foot or paws

If you have been scratched by a cat for holding or even pressing the front foot or paws, then this is normal. For cats, when the two parts are held, he will feel threatened.

  1. Squeezing the cat’s body

Cats are adorable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be squeezed. The structure of the cat’s body is not created to be squeezed and this activity is very dangerous for cats. So don’t ever squeeze a cat’s body.

  1. Breathe in the eyes, ears and nose of a cat

Blowing the breath of humans in all three parts turned out to make the cat feel amused. Therefore, do not be surprised if you will get scratches.

Having fun with cats is something we don’t think about but during that fun, you can accidentally hurt the pet. So be careful how you do it properly.