How to Spice Up a Long Term Relationship by Trying New Things in the Bedroom


There comes a time in every relationship that the desire that at first seemed capable of melting steel is just no longer there. Perhaps you two are too busy working hard so that you could finally move to this beautiful house in Melbourne. Or maybe, you have steadily grown apart. There could be multiple reasons. One thing for sure: your sex life could have been better. You can spice it up with the sex toys. You can find them on sites such as V for Vibes.

Okay, so are there any ways to make your sex life great again? Well, yes. You don’t necessarily need to go to the sex therapist or buy a penis enlarger. In a second you’ll learn what the other methods are. Let’s go!


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Probably like 5% of the population but we could just ignore them. The rest us could bite it, and chew it, and lick it without end.

When it comes to improving sex life, though, not all chocolate is equal. A Romanian company created chocolate with scenes from Khajuraho temple, meaning there are people making love in multiple surprising positions. It is no wonder that this chocolate is especially popular during Valentine’s day. Not very subtle, but probably effective.

Okay, so how should you use it? Just put a piece of chocolate on your partner’s naked body, watch it slowly melt, and then lick it off. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it both. Just try not to smear chocolate all over your bed – the brown stains wouldn’t add any class to your bedroom. The only thing that should be dirty is you two.

Watch boring movies!

A great movie will keep you focused for its entirety, but movies that are bad, but not bad enough to be considered interesting make us think of different things. Maybe it’s lunch with your coworkers on the following day, or perhaps it’s the fact that your partner is just right next to you, and suddenly you feel a hand slowly creeping up your thigh, and then you no longer care whether Nicholas Cage will survive or whether he will die. You’ve got more exciting things happening, well, right in your pants. Boredom sometimes leads to terrible things.

Tape yourself!

Do you prefer more interesting movies? Well, you could tape yourself and your partner having sex, and then just play the video every time you would like some attention. You could then tape yourself having sex while watching yourself also having sex, and then… you get the point. That’s what “Inception” was about, right?

If you are on the adventurous side, maybe you could make some copies of this masterpiece, and send it to your friends? I’m sure some of them would appreciate this somewhat surprising gift. Just don’t mail it by accident to your parents. They have many years of experience more than you; they certainly wouldn’t feel impressed.

Male strippers

It’s the same as with the chocolate: male strippers are one of the few things in this world that are universally cherished. Sure, in the past, most men might have felt a tad uncomfortable watching other men undress, but Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey changed the entire game.

Let’s be honest – they wear (at least for some time) cool clothes, they have big muscles – what’s there not to admire? If you happen to live in Australia, then MagicMen will blow your mind. Male strippers could show you that there are things that you could still aspire for, and that’s for both of you! Accept yourself the way you are, but a perfect six pack or stronger thighs could make you lust for each other once again.

The great unknown

Maybe all that your relationship needs is to cross new boundaries? Sure, you might have quite a bit of experience, but perhaps it’s time to go to a place, where an ominous inscription declares “Here be dragons”.

Which probably means pegging. Yeah, your partner might feel a little intimidated, so far his ass had one function only, but perhaps you could convince him with a promise of amazing orgasms? It wouldn’t be a lie; by stimulating his prostate, you could drive him crazy. Just remember to trim your fingernails first. Pain might be good sometimes, but definitely not there. You wouldn’t want anyone with long nails nowhere close to your vagina.

“Now I’m in charge!”

If you want to be surprised as well, then perhaps, have you tried choking? It might not work for everyone, but there’s something extremely personal about having the person you love being in charge of your ability to breathe. And sure, men and women are equal, but from time to time, a little bit of domination wouldn’t hurt, right? If you want to go one step further, you could innocently suggest him to bind you with a rope. You’d like all of your financial decisions to be reached jointly, but sometimes letting him decide what’s best is fine as well.

Or maybe, it’s the other way around – it’s just who wants to be the one who dominates? Sure, your partner might be able to bench 4 plates, but tiny handcuffs would make all of his efforts futile; he would be completely at your mercy. If you haven’t done it before, then don’t use this opportunity to see whether it is true that butt stuff “just isn’t his cup of tea”. If you want him to relax, he needs to know that he can stop it at any time.

Have fun!

It is understandable that with time, people may lose this certain something. It doesn’t mean that you two aren’t destined to be with each other. Every relationship needs some effort because humans are insanely complex creatures. Only people incapable of making their own decisions and judgement wouldn’t ever complain. We all differ, and sometimes finding common ground requires some work. If both of you want to make things just like they once were, then try one of these methods. Just remember to use protection!