How To Promote Your Website In 2019


In the highly competitive times, we live in, your blog/website can end up in the pile of unread, unseen and unknown internet addresses more easily than ever. To succeed in 2019 you need more grit, persistence and entertaining content than ever. That being said you should use every tip you can get (especially if they are free) to enlist your blog in the few outstanding shining money making diamonds. So what to do?

The Prep Work

This the part that most bloggers miss, working on the technicalities of the website should never be taken lightly of putt of for too long.


1. The pillar of every accomplished website. SEO optimization is basically Google’s way of making sure the top websites on the search bar are extremely good and deserve to be there. Google has over 200 rules you need to follow in order to pop out at the front page, but don’t be scared they are all created for one virtue to prevail – quality content, if your pushing quality content every time you post, you will climb that latter fast. You should make your content such as that when someone enters your website they stay for some time because Google punishes bouncing. When someone enters your website and instantly clicks the back button, to Google that means that your website is just a farce, looking good from the outside but no real quality content. So no bait, do the grunt work and truly satisfy your content consumer, it will pay dividends.

2. Speedy Hosting. If you are running a website of any significant magnitude, you really should not be on a shared web host network. On these networks, usually, there is one big website that sucks the hosting power of the network like a leach which slows down your website. You can imagine how annoying that is for the reader. If you are in money opt for the direct web hosting option – you own it, you are the boos, and if you can’t cash out that much for now take the cloud-based web hosting option. One of your best options is going for the best blogger outreach service that suits your blog needs.

The Main Deal

Of course, this entire section is dedicated to all types of marketing:


1. Social Media Marketing. What better place to advertise your blog than on the most populated place on the internet (The China of the internet) – Facebook. There are 2 key points to Facebook marketing:

  • Finding your target audience and
  • Being consistent, you can’t figure out your target audience by yourself already, Facebook will do it for you for cheap, with some guerrilla based marketing. You pay for an ad and they send it to whoever seems fit by the standards of their high-quality algorithm. I don’t see many complaints on Facebook ads so they must be doing a great job. After that it’s important not to disappear in the darkness but post something new consistently, Pewdiepie once had a dozen subscribers, look at him now. You can’t give up, fail, fix, attempt again.

2. If you are not that good at search engine optimization and don’t have enough money to hire a professional agency to do it for you, you can just pay Google to advertise your website. This is how it works when someone types in a keyword that is even remotely related to your content, your website will be shown above everyone else but it will say “Advertisement” so that the consumer knows that you are thereby wallet not by merit. Anyway a good option for an up and coming and in improvement blog. Until you get on your feet of quality that is!



In the end, you need to know that there is no magical formula. Above are just some basic must-haves. This is your path to glory, try something new then try again. You know how they say per Aspera ad Astra (from the thorns to the stars), happy blogging in 2019!