How To Prepare CBD Tea? A Complete Guide


Cannabidiol or CBD has become one of the most popular therapeutic cannabinoids in the present time. The ingredient is believed to have numerous health benefits as well as non-psychoactive properties. It doesn’t give you high, however, it can be used as a remedy for several body disturbances and ailments.

Do you know it can also be infused into a tea that you can enjoy on a regular basis to attract many health benefits? If you are a tea person, you are surely going to enjoy this idea. Here are more details about CBD tea, its benefits, and how to prepare the same.

What Is CBD Tea?

This drink has become a thing today. Many people are pondering over the idea of introducing this tea into their regular diet. Making this recipe can become a little complex. This is because the process is not so easy as making regular tea that you would otherwise sip on all the even days of your life. Not all the CBD-infused teas are considered to be the same. The recipes that are oil-based are known to be less effective. This is because water and oil do not mix well. To maximize the bioavailability of the compound, the CBD has to be dissolved well in the water.

The simplest way using which you can add the contents of this herb into your favorite hot tea is using water-soluble CBD. This is particularly made with CBD beverages in mind. It is also created to increase bioavailability. The tea eventually allows your body to ingest the CBD easily. The process then allows for a faster process of the effects as well as benefits provided by it.

CBD ingredients and supplements can be bought from the online and offline pharmacies near you. It is very important for you to always trust a reliable platform to buy the different products of CBD. Weedcenter happens to be one trustworthy online platform that sells CBD products in the most organic forms and at competitive prices.

How To Make Your Own CBD Tea?

You can either buy a readymade CBD tea or can make your own at home. Opting for the latter comes with more advantages as you can turn up to this recipe anytime you need to drink the same. At the same time, you will be able to save your money and will be able to prepare your tea among the clean surroundings of your home.

To create this recipe at home, the use of water-soluble CBD is considered to be the best option. All you are required to do is to choose this soluble compound of good quality. Full-spectrum CBD is considered to be more effective when compared to CBD isolate. This is because it comprises a strong combination of many compounds derived from the cannabis or hemp plants.

If you want to be more creative with the preparation of your own drink at home, the best way to make it is to add dry hemp material or dry cannabis into hot water. But the results that you get after brewing these materials wouldn’t be considered as the real recipe. This will only help you prepare terpenes-infused CBD water. Terpenes, similar to this compound, have therapeutic effects on pain. They are also known to be an effective remedy for anxiety, inflammation, and many other body disturbances.

To extract as well as activate the cannabinoids for your recipe, it is important that you let your plant go through the process of decarboxylation. This can be done easily by heating the plant material in your oven for twenty minutes. The temperature should be 100 degrees Celsius respectively. After this, you can increase the temperature to 115 degrees Celsius and leave the oven for an hour. Take these baked materials out and steep them in hot water to create your own therapeutic tea.

Here is the list of ingredients that you need to prepare your delicious drink:

  • Six grams of freshly ground hemp stems
  • Two cups full-fat milk of hemp, whole dairy or coconut
  • One-fourth of coconut oil or softened butter
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One cup of water
  • Loose-leaf chai tea or tea of any other flavor
  • Cinnamon and honey

Here are the directions to prepare the drink:

  • Blend milk, oil, hemp stems, and vanilla extract together and combine them generously.
  • Allow this mixture to sit at room temperature for thirty minutes.
  • Add the mixture to a saucepan along with the water from the infuser of the tea leaves
  • Cover the saucepan and simmer it over medium-low heat for twenty minutes. Do not boil it.
  • Pour the liquid into your glass or mug and add honey and cinnamon.



The regular use of this drink can work wonders on your health. This tea has many advantages for your body. Hence, infusing this compound into tea and drinking it regularly also comes with many advantages. Here are some of the most popular advantages of drinking this recipe:

  • Drinking a cup of CBD tea on a regular basis helps you to relax your body. It offers a highly refreshing taste. This also helps to boost focus. This helps to trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body.
  • CBD tea contributes greatly in improving your digestive health and nervous system. The receptors here are responsible for controlling all kinds of cognitive activities such as sensation of pain, hunger, internal balance, as well as appetite.
  • This drink comes with many pain relieving properties. We all know that this compound happens to be a great pain reliever. Thus, the potential of CBD in this drink helps you manage relief from the problems like arthritis, chronic pain, as well as menstrual discomfort.
  • Taking this drink on a regular basis also helps to promote internal balance in the body. This is because CBD comprises powerful antioxidants that helps to restore internal balance, thereby reducing many bodily problems.

It is very important to note that cannabinoids need fat to be absorbed well to provide you all the relaxing effects of the compound. Thus, it is always recommended that you sip this drink right after your meals instead of drinking it on an empty stomach. There are many advantages of sipping CBD tea on a regular basis. It can help you with good sleep, anxiety, inflammation, mood stability, and much more. You can make your CBD-infused tea by following these easy steps. Always take water-soluble CBD into use to make your drink.