How to play slots for real money


Betting online slots for real money is easy and fun if you know a couple of tricks. Here at OnlineGlucksspiel lots of information that will make you an expert in online slot hunting with the best performance.

Play online slots with real money


There is nothing better than being able to play slots for real money from wherever you want. Some time ago we were limited to the computer screen, but thanks to mobile devices that were left behind.

It is true that many of the titles available in the online casino come from physical machines first tested in the casino halls of Atlantic City, Reno or Las Vegas. Some are improved versions of iconic titles, such as Book of Ra or Lobstermania 2.

Playing with real money online slots is basically like doing it in a traditional casino, with the difference that you choose where and when to enter an infinite title offer. 

Is it safe to play online slots with real money?

Definitely yes. You can enjoy safe online gaming environments in the world, thanks to the Game Regulation Act that came into force in 2012 and the performance of the Directorate-General for Game Management (DGOJ).

Unlike other jurisdictions, here the entity that grants licenses to casinos and verifies both their management and their games belongs to the government. It is not formed by a consortium of private companies belonging to the same state or countries, as in other places.

That means that to see if a casino is legit, you just have to enter its name in the DGOJ search engine. Almost all licensed casinos have customer service, but if within 3 months they have not solved your problem you can submit a claim directly to the DGOJ.

All your data is protected according to the terms of the Data Protection Law. Also, if you look at the beginning of the URL, you will see a green padlock that indicates that the casino has a data encryption system that encrypts the information you send so that only you and the casino can see it.

Advantages of playing online with cash


1. The largest variety of titles to choose from, which you can also try with unlimited runs in free versions with the same functions as when you play for real money.

2. Total availability: you play from where you want and when you feel like it. And this also includes the deposit and withdrawal methods (transfer, card, e-wallets, PayPal, prepaid cards …)

3. Reliability and security guaranteed for licensed online casinos.

4. Great competition of bonuses and promotions between operators

5. Games with a very wide range of limits, to play from just a few cents per line to more than € 100 per spin.

Choose between High or Low bet slots

One of the main advantages of playing online slots for real money is that you always find a game that you like and at the same time suits your bet level. The budget for playing is no longer a problem. You can choose machines for high rollers or get the most out of a limited budget.

Although almost all slots allow you to select the number of active pay lines or ways to win, you are statistically more likely to win if you play with all available combinations on each roll.

That is why it is important to select slots whose bet per roll fits your pocket, instead of closing options by discarding lines. You can’t see a prize falling on an inactive payment line. You would better to save that experience by keeping all doors open every time you press Spin.

Slots for low stakes


If you have set a limit to play and want to keep it, you do not have to change anything: you can bet with all active lines and functions from only € 0.2 per spin, and sometimes even less. The secret is to lower the bet per roll to a minimum, but keep all possible lines or combinations in operation. To give you an idea, in the slots that allow you to play the turn from 20 cents and with a good run, the session can be prolonged for approximately half an hour.

Tricks to play online slots with cash

When playing online slots, avoiding mistakes is as much or more important than being lucky. We hope that the following tips allow you to maximize results and take full advantage of your favorite games.

First of all, let’s analyze some of the mistakes when playing with the most frequent online slots:

1. You need to deactivate payment lines or combinations: if you want to bet less on a roll, it is best to use slots with low bet limits, not to subtract prize options.

2. You need to shorten the session time: although the RNGs make it possible to take the maximum prize at any time, the overall calculation of your benefits will be higher the more extra functions and bonus games you can activate during the session.

3. You can choose the game based on promotions or advertising, without looking at the RTP and volatility, or regardless of the type of game that best suits your tastes, goals and betting limits.

How to choose the best slot?


There are no strategies to play infallible online slots, but there are a number of guidelines to enjoy more playing and get better results:

Fund management

Money dedicated to betting on slots should always be taken as an investment in leisure time. The money management that you bet has vital importance because it will allow you to possess better profitability in terms of benefits and time you play. It is best to decide the total amount you are going to bet on each session and title, without counting the possible winnings to complete the budget.

Evaluate your mood

Every day is different, and even if you are clear about what to do to maximize the performance of your bets, you may prefer to give a game with a lower RTP a chance, that includes more exciting features or that just gets out of what you are used to.

Get many prizes with few runs

If this is your goal, you should opt for slots with a percentage of RTP equal to or greater than 96% and low or very low volatility. The prizes will not be very high, but they will happen every few runs. 

Get Cash Bonuses to play with real money

We have already mentioned the bonuses above, in our list of advantages. They are one of the main claims of online casinos and it is not for less. Operators compete daily to offer the most interesting bonuses to players, so you’ll have to keep up if you don’t want to let the best escape.

There are as many types of bonuses as casino games. They are often offered as a possibility to earn extra money, but the truth is that their main objective is to give you the opportunity to try games that, due to their characteristics, it is not possible to try for free with a demo.

We are referring to live tables (such as live roulette in all its varieties), or to those slot machines with progressive jackpot network, which obviously cannot activate this function for demos.

Bonuses without deposit

They are also known as welcome bonuses, or registration bonuses because they are aimed to attract new players, who have never been registered with the casino before. They tend to be around € 10, and sometimes they also include free spins on slots.

What makes them so desirable is that you do not need to deposit funds at the casino to receive the bonus, although it may not be activated until you make your first deposit. Often, no deposit bonuses are part of a bonus pack, which also includes another bonus (or bonuses) when you verify your registration details and first enter money into the casino account.

Deposit bonuses

Most deposit bonuses are delivered the first time you load balance in the account of a new online casino, but sometimes they are formed by a succession of up to 5 bonuses for depositing, and others include rewards if you make your deposits within a certain schedule or after having bet a certain amount in a section of the casino within a few deadlines.

As a general rule, deposit bonuses are delivered based on the amount you enter into your casino account. One of the most common is to offer you 200% of the value of your deposit. If for example, you make the first deposit of € 10, the casino will add an additional € 20 bonus to your account.

Bonuses for playing with real money


Many casinos and bookmakers reward players who have not had luck with bonuses of this type, as long as they meet certain conditions. For example, you have to have bet (and lost) € 20 on live roulette during a specific weekend. When you make your next deposit, the casino will reward you with a fixed amount or with free bet options, such as a round of free spins for a slot.

You would better to keep in mind that all the bonuses we have mentioned (and any others that an online casino can offer you) are subject to rules that are detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

It is very important that you read everything if you do not want to take a snap when you try to collect the money earned by betting with a bonus. Here are some important things about the fine print for online casino bonuses:

1. Rollover conditions: how many times you have to play the bonus money to collect the winnings you get with it, and in what games or with what kind of bets.

2. Period of validity: they are only available for a limited time, and then disappear from your account. You may need to activate them, or they will activate automatically. They usually have terms between 15 and 30 days.

3. Sections of the casino where they can be used: in the case of free spins for slots, the operator determines in which specific title you can use them.

4. Order of use: at all times you should know if you are playing with money corresponding to a casino bonus or the money you have entered.

5. Cancellation of the bonus: many deposit bonuses carry restrictions such as that you cannot request the refund of the amount you have entered to get them (even if you have not used the money), or they are impossible to activate if you have forgotten to mark a box or enter a code during the registration process.