How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Easy Access


You’ve rented your storage unit and moved all your things in it. Everything is great until you have to retrieve one specific item from all those boxes. If you’ve organized your storage unit properly, this won’t be an issue, but most people don’t think of how to organize their space, which leaves in big chaos when they have to find an item in their storage unit. To avoid this mess you just have to organize your unit from the first moment, so you can avoid opening dozens of boxes and pulling out everything but what you are looking for.

Pick same size boxes and label them

Having the same box for all your belongings in the storage units Chatsworth will make your life easier. Small and medium-sized boxes are a fit for most items you might store and hold well at the bottom. They are also easy to pick up and move if you want to look for something. Having boxes of the same size and shape will make it easier for you to stack them and organize the space.

When you finish packing a box label it! Be very strict about this step, if you want to access your items easily. Depending on how much time and patience you have you can write on the box what it contains, as detailed as possible, or make a list with its contents and label it with a number. Later on, you can find the box by its number and the items in it by the contents list.

Place the frequently accessed boxes near the door

When you place the boxes in the storage unit, you have to think which ones you will need in the future. Place them near the door, or make sure they are easy to access. Depending on what you store, this can be a tricky step. Seasonal items will be needed on a regular basis, as well as holiday or fishing items.

Smart stacking technique

A smart way to place your boxes is to stack them in a brick pattern, so if you have to remove one box, the others will stay in place. This Tetris-like game is very useful when you have to pick a specific box. Don’t forget to place the boxes with the label facing towards you.

Map out your boxes

If you have many boxes, some of them are not going to be visible when everything is in place. To make sure you don’t forget where they are, you can make a map. Write down the number of each box and where you’ve placed it. The best way is to divide a paper into four sections and write which boxes are in each section. Together with the contents list, where you’ve written what is inside of each box, your storage unit will be easy to access at any time.

Allow extra space


You don’t want to pay for space you don’t need, but you can’t stack everything perfectly either. When you choose the size of the storage unit make sure you can move around the boxes and other items you might have stored.