How to Lose Arm Fat Without Weights in 2023


Keeping your entire body fit is truly a tough challenge. Our lives are fast and we do not have too much time to dedicate to ourselves. This is simply a fact that you can see quite often. One of the crucial problems that people have is how to lose arm fat.

Well, arm fat can be a problem for various reasons. First of all, people are not satisfied with how they look. They want to change something, but they do not have time to do that. Despite that, it also influences our self-confidence. There are so many self-confidence online course such as those provided by

Anyway, when you complain to someone about your arm fat, people usually give you a very common piece of advice. That piece of advice is “Don’t worry, just go to the gym and everything will be fine.” Well, this is the truth and the gym can help you a lot. Still, no one asks you do you have time to go to the gym a couple of times per week.

Fortunately, losing arm fat is even possible without weights. We want to suggest a couple of exercises that you can do at home and alternatives that you can use.

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Use the Benefits of Advanced Technology

Okay, we will start with the alternative that we already mentioned. Some parts of our body are completely untouchable. You can exercise hard and go on a strict diet, but these parts simply won’t change. Doing these two things will boost your muscles and allow you to live healthier. Yet, even then, parts of your arm will contain fat. That’s the moment when the benefits of advanced technology become more important.

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Okay, after we explained the alternative, we will continue with arm exercises that could help. They do not require you to go to the gym or have weights at home. The first one from our list is push-ups because they are some sort of the granddaddy of arm exercises. Still, we have noticed that many people do push-ups in the wrong way. That’s why we want to give you some directions on how to do it and lose arm fat.

First of all, you must keep your feet together. Your tones need to point down and your hands need to be shoulder-width apart. People usually point down their hands wider. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is incorrect. Yet, if you want to do exercises that will have a direct influence on your arm fat, then this is the way you should do it.

Finally, the entire length of your body should run parallel to the ground. This means that your back and hips need to be completely flat.

There is one thing that we need to say. It is okay if push-ups are completely new to you. That’s why it would be better to keep your knees down with your weight on your thighs. Do that 2 or 3 days until you get enough strength to do them correctly.


It seems to us that people do not even understand that pull-ups can bring a lot of benefits to our upper body. This especially includes the strength of our arm muscles, shoulders, and sides of the back. Still, pull-ups are a bit complex for beginners. That’s why it is okay if you call someone to assist you. It can also be tough because the full body weight is involved.

So, here is the explanation of how you should do them. First of all, place your hands shoulder-width apart on the horizontal bar. If you are not in this position, it won’t have a huge impact on your arms. Despite that, you can get hurt. That’s why we said it would be good if there is someone around you to help.

Anyway, after you do that, raise your body until your chin gets just over the bar’s level. Finally, easy your body back and repeat the same thing a couple of times. For start, we suggest you do it 5 times in a row. This is a good method to gain enough strength to continue.

Arm Circles

If you are looking or an exercise that will target your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, then arm circles are a perfect choice. However, if you don’t do them correctly, we can’t guarantee you will target all three of them.

So, before you start moving your arms in a fast circle forward, there are a couple of things you should do. First of all, your hands need to be extended out to the side at a 90-degree angle to your body. That’s the first “rule” that you need to respect.

After you find the right position, start rotating hands in both directions. Do that as many as times as you can. We do not want to say that you should overdo it. Yet, do not be afraid to go little over your “limits”. When you get tired, it is okay to take a two or three-minute break. Repeat the entire process a couple of times.

You can sit as well while doing this exercise. In that case, keep your feet flat on the ground. Despite that, your back must be straight.

Inverted Row

Well, this exercise strictly targets biceps. You won’t need a lot of time to do it. For example, you can do it while you have a break at work. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it definitely removes fat from your arms.

Anyway, you need to have something around you that you can grab onto. Despite that, you need to lie down on the ground. Our recommendation is to use a sturdy chair or a coffee table. These two things are a perfect choice.

After that, while you are gripping the edge of the chair or table, pull upped body up off the ground. Do not lower down yourself immediately. Stay in that position for 5 or 6 seconds. Of course, after some time, you will be able to keep yourself off the ground a lot longer.

Still, this exercise might seem like a complete scam. However, trust us; after a couple of times, you will feel that your biceps start to work.