Instagram has become a viable option for you to grow your business with over 700 million registered users and nearly 5 billion likes each day. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with most teens and young adults preferring Instagram than its parent company Facebook, in recent times.

But how do you become famous or grow your business faster on Instagram? Well, the answer to that question is consistency in everything that you do. You need to be constantly uploading content, like other content, engage with people.

The only problem to that is they need to find your account first. But have no fear because we are going to tell you the right strategies to successfully grow your Instagram account faster.

1. Pick a Good Instagram Name

Your Instagram name (not to be confused with your username) needs to sound catchy and interesting to others in order to get their follow. In the case of using Instagram as a social media platform to market your business, make sure to include your service in the name so that it can relate to others what you’re doing. Picking a catchy name will surely increase the growth of your Instagram account.

2. Research Your Competition

A smart idea before you fully launch your Instagram account is to take notice of your competition. The important thing to remember here is that your competition has something very precious to you, and that’s followers, lots and lots of followers. If they have thousands or even millions of followers, then that means they are doing something right. Monitor your competition and learn what they are doing that is making them stand out from the rest of the group. Research their daily post times, how they’re interacting with the community, a process that information, and you soon will understand the strategy that they are using in order to grow their accounts faster.

3. Grab a Head Start With Instagram Followers and Likes


There is always the option to buy real Instagram likes and followers to give you a head start in the race to becoming Instagram famous. There are many websites that offer their services, but many of them are selling low-quality Instagram likes and followers. If you spend a little more time researching which services will give you the best quality likes and followers, you could boost the growth of your Instagram account significantly. Buying real Instagram likes will make you stand out from the competition and leave everyone wondering how you got that success as stated by

4. Personalize Your Brand

Give some personality to your brand. We are human beings, and we like to interact with one another, and we also like to be reminded of our humanity. Make sure to personalize your brand in a way that it will make people want to interact with you and share their thoughts with you. Having a human connection with a piece of display screen between you and your followers will make you more likable as a person, subsequently attracting more and more followers because of your personality traits.

5. Use The Right Hashtags

A hashtag is like a lighthouse, and your followers are the boats that are navigating through it. Using the right hashtags will bring you more followers, but thorough research needs to be done. Or you could just go back to step number 2 and see which hashtags your competitors use. Using the right hashtags for your niche will significantly boost your Instagram account’s growth.