How to get a Canadian Visa?

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Canada is known to be one of the most beautiful and safest countries in the entire world. It has a very good reputation for how tidy it is, how polite the locals there are and for its almost non-existent crime rate.

With all of this being said, you can already get some sense for why people would like to go to Canada, but as we already know, visiting this country requires you to have a Visa.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today, so let’s keep this introduction short and jump straight into the content.

Applying for a Canadian Visa

Applying for a Canadian Visa is a very similar process as applying for any other Visa for any other country across the world. You are required to submit your personal information, where you’re working, what you’re planning to do in Canada, information about any relatives in the country (if you have them), how long you’re planning to stay and all of that generic info that’s required.

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What’s great, however, is that you are able to apply for a Canadian Visa online, and the application itself is pretty easy to make.

Applying for an eTA via an application

According to, you can form an eTA application, which stands short for Electronic Travel Authorization System, and then wait a short period until it gets approved. This serves as an entry requirement for all of the visa-exempt foreign travelers that want to fly to Canada.

This document is electronically connected to the passport of the person who’s applying for it, and if approved, it can be valid for up to five years. If you happen to get a new passport, you will have to obtain a new eTA by completing the form once again and waiting for approval.

You should be aware that by obtaining a legitimate eTA you are free to travel to Canada as frequently as you want to, but your stay cannot be longer than six months at a time. Also, remember that eTA does not guarantee that you’re going to enter Canada.

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Upon arrival, you will have to talk to the border service officers and give them a legitimate reason why you want to stay in Canada. You will also be asked to provide all of your personal information and documentation such as passports and ID.

If everything goes smoothly, and you manage to convince the officers to let you in, you will be granted a pass into the country. If you fail to obey the rules and stay for more than six months, or whatever period you’re allowed to stay on your first visit, you might be banned from entering the country again. Make sure to act politely and follow the rules in order to avoid any unwanted trouble.

This rarely happens but it is worth to be mentioned just in case. Canada implemented this method of eTA because of security reasons, and before this was introduced, people were able to go to the country without any previous authorizations and identity checks. In order to keep Canada as safe and sound as it is right now, this method was implemented.