How to Dress to Impress on a First Date and 8 Tips to Make your First Date Unforgettable


You finally did it: you have a date with that very nice boy that you met at that one party, through Tinder. But what do you do on a first date then? Of course you want to look nice and you don’t want him to cut your clothing choice. No stress! We give you the tips with which you can go to your date as a beautiful appearance.

  1. Put on something you feel comfortable in

It may sound obvious, but do something you feel comfortable with. Don’t put a tight top on, because it looks so good on you. Put something on that is comfortable and that you really feel comfortable in. It is of course not nice if you feel uncomfortable; you will also radiate this during your date and of course you want to prevent that! We are happy to give you the tip to choose something that you have worn before. As nice as that new skirt is, nothing is more annoying when he suddenly crawls up during a date. It is also useful to adjust your outfit to the activity you are going to do. Are you going to sit on the terrace for an afternoon, fancy dinner or do an activity? Think carefully about what you are going to do during the date and make sure that your clothes match with the type of date.

  1. Sexy, but not exposed

Okay, it makes sense that you shouldn’t put on a thick sweater and sweatpants on your first date, but we believe you shouldn’t give it all away either. Choose a sexy dress, but don’t go all the way. For example, you can choose a nice slip dress, but choose sneakers or a denim jacket. But it can also be the other way around, with beautiful earrings and other jewelry you can also make your simple outfit a lot more fun and sexy. Try to dress in such a way that you attract attention and at the same time… leave enough to the imagination. This way, there will be enough for your dating partner to discover on a possible follow-up date :).

  1. Choose a nice lingerie set

At the moment you’re maybe not planning to take your date to you’re home at all! And that is not necessary at all. But it has been proven that you feel more confident and sexy in a beautiful and sexy lingerie set of Christine le Duc, even if it is under your clothes. So choose a beautiful bra with matching slip or thong and feel confident. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. If your date is so cozy … Then you immediately look beautiful when the clothes do go out!

Other than your bra, you need to have sexy panties. Whether you are looking for laced ones, or thongs, anything other than usual panties will drive your man insane. There are different shapes and sizes of panties, and they come in different colors too. Of course, price is also an important factor, and therefore, we suggest you visit this site, because of the wide array of choices.

  1. Provide good body care

Shave yourself, paint your nails and apply a nice scent. A well-groomed appearance makes for a good first impression. In addition, you often feel sexy when you have made an effort to look beautiful. In addition, choose a nice basic make-up. Not everyone likes it when you fill up completely. It is important to be careful in makeup use. Make yourself beautiful, but don’t make yourself someone else. Make sure your makeup matches your look.

We hope that with these tips you are completely ready for your date; lots of fun!

  1. Be on time

Forget the “come too late on a first date” advice from magazines, just don’t do this. Would you like him to show up half an hour later? Probably not. Personally I am very strict about this. If a woman doesn’t respect my time, I’ll be gone in a minute. Even when a woman is ten minutes late she has left a bad impression on me.

  1. Make a good first impression

Have no opinion “We judge books by their covers, and we can’t help but do it. This happens so quickly – just a small fraction of a second – that what we see can sometimes dominate what we know.” – Nicholas Rule stated.

Even though we would like to believe if it’s not true, but we made a judgment about someone within a fraction of a second.

Research indicates from this first impression influences:

  • How reliable the person is.
  • How nice we like this person.
  • How attractive we find them.
  • And this all happens in less than a second, even before you can say one word.

So it certainly doesn’t hurt to think carefully about what impression you make. A first impression is not only about external features, but also about what you say, your attitude and more.

  1. Bring a small present

If it’s a formal date, bring a small present for him or her. Think for example of a small box with chocolates or a rose. It would be even better if you know in advance which sweet or flowers he or she prefers. Never bring a single red rose for the other when it comes to a less formal first date. This could seem a bit too overwhelming to the other, since a red rose symbolizes love. Try baking something tasty, buying a small stuffed animal, or bringing something else unique. Never do anything on a first date that is over the top. The best you can give the other person is good company.

  1. Go for a first date that will also be fun without the other person being there

Very often you see that people do an activity on a first date where all attention is focused on each other. For example, they go out for dinner on a very first date.

It’s just a bad plan because:

  • You are 100% focused on each other, this strengthens that nervous feeling.
  • You cannot touch each other subtly, this will unnecessarily lose a lot of attraction (tip # 8).
  • You cannot get rid of each other; when it turns out that you don’t like each other, you are almost obliged to sit out for an hour and a half.
  • In other words, opt for a fun activity instead. One where you are both relaxed and can have fun.

For example, mountaineering, cycling or play a game of golf on a nice and sunny day.

Hopefully these 8 tips make your first date unforgettable!