How to Develop a Live Streaming App


The rapid streaming app development of the Internet industry brings promising technologies into the life of the average person and opens up new opportunities. In this direction, streaming (online broadcasting) is gaining in popularity. Quite recently, its scope of application was limited to the entertainment industry.

Now, the media of the future has expanded its scope, it is used for webinars, online presentations, distance learning, marketing, and other business activities. Netflix, Disney +, TikTok – these apps and services are breaking popularity ratings. How to develop a live streaming app?

Features of streaming apps

Services and programs for streaming videos or with a similar function today can arouse a certain interest in a large number of people from the Internet, PCs, mobile devices. They can interest people with very different objectives.

Some may be interested in such videos and opportunities to create streaming videos to create some show content, while others will need it for business and business tasks, for example, for the creation of network conferences, lessons, and so on. The owners of such services at the current moment are well aware of how profitable it will be to pay attention to all the quality and comfort of the creation and management of a stream.

How applications of a streaming service work

The streaming app development algorithm is based on what application you need. And although each of these applications is different, they all share a common set of tools that allow them to work. Let’s call these basic functions:

  • Registration Algorithm. When logging into the app, the user needs to create an account. This will increase personalization, the relevance of statistics, etc.
  • User Profile. Reflects the information, achievements, and status of the user within the site.
  • Cloud storage. This storage is necessary for all the functions of the application.
  • Home page. It acts as a content offering. More often than not, the home page contains a search-assisting toolkit.
  • Elastic Search. One of the most important plugins of the service. Elastic search is done by keywords, categories, or hashtags.
  • Payment Gateway. Allows you to make payments within the app without leaving the app. The wider the payment options, the more users it attracts.
  • Video, audio – players. Allows you to upload materials in a suggested format to interact with users.
  • Helps to customize content for the needs of a particular profile. Facilitates the process of control over unwanted content.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence). Facilitates the collection of statistical data, maintains and runs the service. Pushes content to a certain user according to his preferences, advertising, etc.

All features are the standard set that consumers expect from streaming services.

Creating a streaming service application

Streaming app development strategy is a framework to help you understand what kind of product you want to see, what its uniqueness and its key points are. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Find your niche or problem to solve. Every streaming platform has its unique features. How will yours be different from them? Or what problem of existing platforms can your application solve?
  2. Project mission (goal). If you’ve decided that your streaming platform will only show auteur movies, or only horror movies – that shapes the entire design, content, and operation within the app.
  3. Content. You have to know exactly what content will fill the streaming service. Will the users themselves create it or will you?

If you decide to provide movies for your users, you need to understand the concept of license. You will need to go to film industry distributors for a license.

Streaming app development


It is better to entrust the streaming app development of an application that will satisfy all the features, ideas, and preferences you choose, to an experienced team of programmers. This will speed up the timeline for streaming app development. How to choose a worthy team of developers and how to check their competence – we revealed in this article.

Below we will describe the stages of your interaction with the streaming app development team, after drawing up the project documentation and signing the cooperation agreement.

  1. Description of the terms of reference. Documentation and all the additional points that were discussed during the creation of the contract are translated into technical terms.
  2. Creation of navigation and design – the initial model of the site. Drawing site design and typical elements of the application. This includes creating a “framework”, creating a menu view, placement of application objects, etc.
  3. Description of the structural elements in the layout language. The form that marks up the designer, the developer leads to a working form using markup languages.
  4. Programming. For each of the selected functions, the programmer writes code, allowing her to interact with it, make transitions, create automatic functions, etc. A very voluminous stage, which is subdivided internally into many tasks.
  5. The first test of the project. The first test of what has been created. But there is still a lot to do before the project is complete.
  6. Setup. At this stage, the streaming app development strategy is a framework to help you understand what kind of product you want to see, what its uniqueness and its key points are. To do this, you need to do the following: is tied to the server and configuration is configured for optimal performance.
  7. Final test. Detection of all types of errors and their correction before the delivery of the ready application to the customer. If the tester finds any errors, he writes them out and sends them to the programmers, who are working on fixing them.
  8. Surrendering the web application. At this stage, all the bugs are fixed, the work is verified, and the customer examines the finished product. If all the criteria work, then the customer is explained how he can work with the application.

This is the end of the streaming app development team’s work. Next, you have to implement an advertising campaign to attract an audience to the finished streaming service.


Streaming app development is rapidly gaining popularity. Investors are even increasingly recognizing this. If you are planning to develop your own streaming app, you should look into the aspects that are involved. First, it goes a long way toward making sure you’ve done the right market research to determine your target audience. Then you’ll understand the medley of features in the app, and you’ll be able to set the cost of developing them.