How to deter burglars from break-ins?


While most security measures are designed to physically protect properties or sounding an alarm as a deterrent after the break-in has occurred, the best solution is to prevent burglars from targeting your home from the first place.

1. Get a dog

While being one of the oldest security tales, owning a guard dog as to benefit the security of your home and as a great companion at home is still hugely effective in the modern context.

Despite owning a Samoyed, I do not recommend him to look after your home. It might cause a more horrifying disaster if not trained properly. However, the movement of dogs, the sound from the movement and the barking of them are known to be great deterrents to burglars.

Although a “dogs inside” signage might not be effective now, evidence of dogs on-premise, including water bowl and doghouse, could post a stronger effect.

2. Signs that someone is at home

Burglars rarely, or would not even, consider breaking into a house if they see evidence that someone is at home when they are going to raid a house. The sound of the television, for example, is a sign that someone is in the house that almost all burglars would not break into.

The presence of human trace can be seen in various forms. A pair of shoes at the front door can be just as effective as a dog’s water bowl.

3. Automated processes

While the above signs help to stop burglars when they are looking to act, more of them spend time observing a targeted house before breaking in. And empty summer houses are one of the most chosen targets.

If you are going to leave your house empty for a significant period of time, automated home devices can be a solution for you. Setting up timers to turn on the lights and television in the evening can show signs that the house is being actively lived in.

4. Security measures

Before you think it is contradicting the introduction paragraph, security measures are more effective as deterrents as compared to actually preventing a break-in. The first and second tips are more effective for opportunistic burglars who are randomly looking for a target to break in.

The third tip is not effective for smarter burglars as well. While regularly turning on lights and television can reflect human activity, other forms of living practices cannot be replicated with automated processes. Regular dumping of trash is one of them unless a highly intelligent robot can do the job.

Using a security door as an example, former burglars who were being interviewed said these additions would turn them away as soon as they saw them. The time and effort required to break into a house with security doors is immense. They would rather look for another target than risking being discovered while breaking through security doors.

According to, security screen door solutions, particularly, avoid the need to reinstall the front door and keeping the gorgeous appearance of the front door to shine through the see-through screen, all while being a highly visible security addition that burglars will look away as soon as they see it.