How to Decorate a Sunroom


If you love lounging in the outdoors but hate the bugs, unpredictable weather, and any other backyard nuisance, a sunroom is just what you need. A sunroom brings all of the beauty and relaxation of the outside directly into your home. It makes a beautiful addition to any house and can be enjoyed all year long.

Now that the spring is finally on its way, the sunshine will soon be out in full force. What better place to enjoy the sun than in a sunroom? It’s the perfect place to soak up some sun. If you’ve ever thought about adding a sunroom or solarium into your home, the springtime is the best time of year to do it since the weather isn’t too cold or too hot to start a renovation project, and you can get everything set up just in time for summer.

Visit Florian Sunrooms — an expert on skylight installation and everything to do with sunrooms, they can help you find the perfect addition for your needs and home. Read on to discover appealing decoration ideas and how you can make your new sunroom your favorite spot in the house.

Keep It All Simple


If you consider yourself a minimalist when it comes to fashion or interior design, an all-white or bronze sunroom is the choice for you.

A simple look can actually make a strong impact. By keeping the room neutral —walls, furniture, even the floor — the sunlight will truly glow. Add interesting textures such as throws and rugs to create a character in the room. If it’s a smaller sunroom, the all-white decoration will make it appear larger.

Set Up Sunset Spots


The whole point of including a sunroom addition to your home is to be able to enjoy the sun. Create an area with cozy chairs facing eastward so you and the family can comfortably enjoy the gorgeous sunsets all throughout the year.

Relaxing as the sun goes down is the perfect way to end the day.

Incorporate Tropical Influences

In contrast to keeping it all white, a fun way to personalize your new sunroom is to include bright pieces of furniture and cute, kitschy items of palm trees, flamingos, and other tropical accents. If there is an antique market in your town, check it out and look for vintage prints that might suit this type of theme.

Find bold and colorful upholstery and sofa throws. You’ll feel like you’re in the tropics all year long!

Turn It into Something Else


A sunroom can be used for almost anything — it’s not just for sitting and lounging. You can turn it into a home office or a playroom for the kids, or what about a TV room? You could also turn it into a home gym, a library, a dining area, a spare bedroom; the possibilities are endless.

It creates additional space for you and your family to use as you please. The fact that it’s also a space to soak up those rays is just an added bonus!

Work with Durable Materials


Although the sunlight is beautiful, too much of it can cause damage to furniture and other materials. Over time, items will lose color and become faded. You can opt for more neutral colors or make sure to use coverings for things such as sofas and pillows when the room isn’t in use.

Many people also use sunrooms as an entry to the backyard or the front yard, so there might be a lot of coming and going and boots hanging around. A sturdy shoe rack will do the trick. First of all, consider how big space is before purchasing a good shoe rack, and then decide how big the rack should be. Find one that is made of a material such as iron so you know it will last a long time.

Include Plants


A little touch of nature goes a long way in a sunroom. You’ll really feel like you’re outside when you include a lot of plants in the room, and the bigger the better. Look for plants that require a lot of sunlight such as papyrus, sago palms, and the African milk bush.

Snake plants are also great for the indoors and they need minimum care. They require watering about once a month so they’re very easy to take care of.

The tropical hibiscus plant produces large, stunning flowers that would make any room light up. These require a little more water than the snake plant but they’re still quite easy to maintain.

Make It a Greenhouse


If the idea of plants excites you, you’ll love this sunroom tip: turn it into a greenhouse! Discuss this option with your sunroom manufacturer and what tools you’ll need to create your very own greenhouse. All of that natural sunlight makes for a perfect growing area for plants, herbs, and fruits and vegetables.

When you’re able to grow your own garden you avoid harmful pesticides and other substances that are found on store-bought items. Eating food that you grew yourself will save you money, too!

Gardening is also a fun, interactive activity for the entire family. It will get everyone off the couch and engage in something meaningful.

Make It Cozy


Image yourself snuggled up with a book next to the window while the sun shines right on your face. The sunroom should be a space that inspires relaxation, whatever type of room it is. There should be at least one comfortable chair in the room for you to relax in, and lots of blankets, throws, and pillows.

Always have a few pairs of slippers somewhere in the room, lots of magazines and books, and small tables for your coffee, tea, wine, and snacks!

A sunroom opens up so many possibilities in the home. It’s a chance for you to enjoy the beauty of nature without ever having to leave your house. You can turn the room into anything you want. Consult your local manufacturer to see how you can get creative and decorate something exciting.